20 Diy Christmas Gifts Your Friends Will Love

Christmas is coming so you must have gifts, because December means gifts; so, if you have no idea what gifts to give, I’ve come to help you with twenty ideas gift ideas that you should make for your friends. And we do not want to spend too much money on them, so you can do them yourself. Go for it!

1.Diy Mint Sugar Scrub
It’s cold this month so we all like hot and long baths, so a gift like this will be very loved by the person who will receive it. Look here to see how you can do this.

2. Learn the art of flower pressing
Even if spring has passed, you have to know you can bring spring indoors with a picture like that; you only have to have pressed plants from the spring. Look here to see what you have to do.

3. Hand Warmer
It’s cold, so everyone needs something for those frosty days. You get home and you do not actually feel your hands because they’re so cold; look how it can be a perfect gift for a girlfriend with cold hands. Here you can find details.

4. Diy Felt Christmas Trees
For someone who does not have a tree house, a gift like this is going to be perfect, especially if you make it yourself because you can, it is so easy. Here you have details to help you make this tree.

5. Grapefruit Lavender Soap
Soaps and bath salts are used in this special cold weather and are definitely the best. To make soaps of this kind, follow the steps from here.

6. Sweater Sleeve Wine Bottle Gift Bags
It seems that wine bottles need a thick winter clothes, especially if you will give them as a gift, so look here to see how you can “dress” your bottle.

7. How to turn an old shirt into a stylish apron
Surely your mother will love an apron like this, especially when she’ll know that you did all the work. Clearly, your mom will cook a lot for Christmas so you need to give a gift like this, look here for all details.

8. Woodland Crafts
Wood as a Christmas gift, or something made of wood, it will be very valuable because it lasts and is very beautiful, especially during this Christmas. So follow the steps from here, and maybe you will succeed to make such a special gift using wood.

9. Cozy Slippers Gift Idea
Booties are a welcome gift in the house anyway, and if you put some goodies in it, clearly it will be a nice gift. You have here the entire idea.

10. Diy Mini Cowhide Coasters
If you have a girlfriend who prefers this protections table, then for sure it will be a perfect gift. No need to have skin blemishes, but you will color them with a marker so you can do whatever you want after all. Look here for the entire process.

11. Infused Bath Salts 
Bath salts, they are perfect for a girlfriend or mother because mothers deserve our little pampering, so look here to see how you can make a perfect gift for your mother.

12. Diy Tea Towels
Also, for anyone who loves to sit in the kitchen, it will be a perfect gift, so go for it because you don’t have very much time and you need to start spreading gifts. You have here details for this project.

13. Egg Cups As Candle Holders 
These are perfect for this winter, bring some heat in the house, and if you make a gift of this kind, it is definitely going to be very popular, especially as you have done this thing. You have here instructions for this project.

14. Diy Chalkboard Serving Tray
Here’s something special for Christmas dinner party, so if you have to make this gift more quickly, look here for details and start working.

15. Diy Pinecone Fire Starter Favors
This is another kind of ornament for Christmas tree, look how beautiful, so colorful and not just a classic brown color. If you want some colorful pine cones, look here for the entire tutorial.

16. Cherry Pie Potholder
It’ll be Christmas pie on the table, so if you make a gift of something like this, especially for the delicious pie, it will be the best gift. Look here to see how you can make it yourself too.

17. Paint Dipped Kitchen Utensils
This is for your mother, the one who loves cooking, or even for you to beautify your little kitchen; these kitchen utensils will be perfect. Here you can see how you can paint your kitchen to get these amazing gift.

18. Gift Wrap Caddy
Do you have a friend who is passionate about stationery? Well look what you can make to give them as a gift this Christmas; they will be definitely excited about it. Here you can see details about what you have to do to get this done.

19. Making Candles in Tins
Old tea boxes can help you to make a few gifts, small but very appreciated, you will see, especially if you do it yourself. Look here for instructions to make these candles.

20. Chrismas Tea Trees
Cold weather brings with it many varieties of tea, so a better gift like a Christmas tree made from many tea bags will be an amazing gift. Buy a few boxes of different tea flavors, and get to work. All the details you find here.


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