10 Diy Curtain Makeover Projects

Are you bored of your classic curtains and want new ones? Here’s how you can have a new aspect with these curtains. You will have a fresh look and you will be much happier. If you have imagination and talent, you’ll be able to give it a new look to your curtain with great ease. So if I got you wondering, this article presents to you ten tutorials that show you how to proceed. Good luck!

1. Fold Clamp Tie Dye
You can say it’s a curtain of water, perfect for bedroom or bathroom. A curtain that allows light to enter the room. A little paint and a little time and you can also have such a curtain. Look here to find more details.

2. Pom-Pom Trim Curtains
This is a cute curtain, that if you want a more joyful one, for example for your nursery, if you have a girl. Buy some pompons, what color you like, and start sewing, you’ll have an amazing curtain. Find instructions here.

3. Ombre Ikat Curtains
The living room seems a little lifeless and your curtains seem too simple. Well here’s how you can bring a little color in your living room and make curtains to catch a little color. You can do it yourself on this classic model of your curtains. Find here the entire tutorial.

4. Extra Long Horizontal Stripe Curtains
Do you like these curtains? You must know that they are made from old curtains. With a little skill with scissors and the sewing of two curtains you can do so. Cut strips from curtains, then scythes together in width, and look what you get. If you want to understand the whole process better, you can find here everything.

5. Gold Leaf Embellished Curtains
Maybe you want to add some elegance in the living room. Look how your curtains can look. Add a little color to one of the bases metal curtains, and you will see that they will provide a pleasant visual impact. Accessing this link, you will see how you can get this.

6. Stenciled Curtains
These curtains seem they are purchased, when they are actually made. You can also make your curtains to look like this, with a special model and eventually in any color you prefer. Find in this link details for these curtains and how you can make them too.

7. Curtains Made with Sheets
This is a different kind of curtains made with a kind of stamps. But if you will see the entire tutorial which you can find here, you will see how simple and easy it is to make it yourself.

8. Blue Ombre Curtains
This is another kind of ombre curtain instead. However, this one is easier to achieve and it requires less time to make. On the same day you can have other window curtains, even from your old curtains. Find instructions and details for this by accessing this link.

9. Add Stripes To Curtains Using Paint
This is a simple tutorial, but it does change a little the appearance of the curtains, and of the whole room. If you have a little paint for textiles, the job is totally solved. With a little effort you can do it. You have here all the details.

10. Take Your Curtains From Drab To Fab
Last but not least, this is the most beautiful effect on any curtain. Remember that you can do it without any problem. All you need is a little skill and you can do this. You can refresh your room and beautify your curtains. That’s amazing. Here you can find all the details to make this curtain.

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