10 Super Easy Dessert Shooters

Desserts, we will never get enough of desserts, candy, cakes and other sweet stuff, so I prepared in this article variants of your favorite desserts. There are classic recipes, or sometimes changed and put in containers small enough to take a small snack.

1.Butterscotch Pudding Shooters
This is a quick, delicious dessert. If you are familiar with this kind of dessert, here are the instructions for you to do them because they are very practical to eat, leaving much less mess. Look here for the entire recipe.

2. Tres Leches
This is a kind of cake, but it only seems that way. In fact, it is just like a small version, in case you are celebrating a child. Thus, this is the perfect dessert, definitely not a cake plate to drop on the floor, so try it. You have details here.

3. Light Key Lime Cheesecake Shots
This is a cheesecake with lemon, if you adore it, clearly you’ll enjoy this dessert. It is the classic recipe, just as it is arranged in this kind of glasses, very practical. Find the entire recipe here.

4. S’mores Shooters
Marshmallows, everyone’s favorites, can be prepared as a kind of shot with marshmallows; it is perfect. If you want some, you can have a party with such desserts, all you have to do is access this link.

5. Coconut Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate mousse, hmm, nothing is more delicious. The chocolate will be appreciated by everyone, and if it has this form of shot, your guests will be very pleased. To do these shots of ” pleasure ”, find the entire recipe here.

6. White Chocolate Ganache and Mango Jelly Dessert in a Glass
Mango jelly and white chocolate, white chocolate in particular, clearly going to be a total success. With that touch of fresh mango jelly, it will look amazing. Find the entire recipe here.

7. Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Shots
A cheesecake you’ll love, just because it is made so small and practical, is made of strawberry cheesecake pudding shots. The recipe is identical but the arrangement differs. So you get to work and if you like a dessert so cute, you have all the details here.

8. Yogurt Panna Cotta with Blueberry Sauce
Panna cotta dessert; everyone loves this fresh and delicious dessert. So if you want to have it in the fridge all the time and to not occupy a space in the refrigerator, try to put it into small glasses. It will look much better. Look here for the recipe.

9. Tiramisu Pudding
With tiramisu there’s nothing that could go wrong, so if you want to have for lunch a delicious dessert, try doing a tiramisu and put them in small containers to be more practical. You have all ingredients in the list here.

10. Cake Batter Cheesecake Dessert Shooters
Mini cakes are more sympathetic and cute. Perfect for a party, if you’re bored of the classic cake, here’s how you can do these mini cakes. You have the whole recipe here.


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