6 Diy Weddings: Cake Topper

At any wedding you must have a cake topper, so you should not miss it if you want to have something original. Know that you can make yourself a cake topper for your wedding that you will be proud of. But this is not necessarily for the wedding; it can be for any event when you need to have a small cake.

1. Wire Wedding Cake Topper
The most ingenious topper for a cake and it will be even more special if you want to do it for your wedding, so if you like it and want to have an original cake, look here for instructions to make this topper.

2. Party Flags Cake Topper
This is if you want to have a casual and delicate wedding. Here’s how you could have a very easy and funny cake with some colored flags on it. To see how you can do it yourself, you have everything here.

3. Fringe Heart Wedding Cake Toppers
Hearts, with hearts at a wedding you will not fail. If you’re a fan of hearts, you need to know that you can have them on your wedding cake without problems, because they are very easy to do. You have the instructions here.

4. How to Make Pinwheel Cake Toppers
Even if in this picture there are some cupcakes, know that you can put the topper on top of any cookies or cake, so … it will be perfect for a wedding that will take place during the summer. To see how you can make this, accesses this link.

5. Crocheted Heart Cake Toppers
Are you a yarn romantic and want something more fine and elegant cake? Well you can and you can do it yourself, with a little help if needed, for crochet, but if you’re good, that’s better , you will do it more quickly. Look here for details and instructions.

6. XOXO and Flag Cake Topper Set
Flags, kisses and hugs: this is what your cake should express, literally and figuratively. Well, you can convey this with some special Toppers made with these funny messages. To see how you can do them, you have here the instructions.


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