10 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

You’re not happy with the condition of your hair, and do not know how to make it look good. But if you remove the cause, you’ll see how healthy you hair can look. In this article, I mention ten reasons why your hair might look bad even if you feel like you are doing everything you can. So if you want to see what the problem actually is, read this article.

The main cause may be stress, or all the things you are actually stressing about, and when you think you cannot handle so many things. So, try to relax, it could help tremendously with your hair and also with your whole general condition. Look here because you can find more details on this matter.

2. Tight Hairtstyles
If you have problems with hair loss, know that one problem would be that you pin your hair daily in elastics and quite tight sometimes. Thus, you are raising the hair very hard, breaking its roots, so you lose more hairs per day than you would be normally. You have here more details and solutions.

3. Chemical Treatments
You often color your hair, or discolor it, it clearly leads to very high dehydration for your hair. So if you want to recover its shine, try for a period to not dye it and you will see an improvement. To understand how you destroy your hair by dyeing it, read here.

4. You Skip Haircuts
Do not skip haircutting it if your hair has dry roots. If you don’t do some haircuts on time, you will destroy the entire hair, so once at three months you should go to a salon for a nice and tidy haircut. Come and read this article to see exaclty what I am talking about.

5. Too Many Products
If you tend to use a lot of products, still believing that your hair will look good, you’re wrong. Thus, it takes a lot of products to process, it gains grease in two days and it should be washed. Try to limit yourself to three items. Look here for more details.

6. Wrong Products
Do you think about using special products for your hair? And if not and your hair suffers because you did not pick one best products for it. You must read what the products are, and especially for what type of hair are recommended. Here’s how you can know if your products are good, right here.

7. Brushing while wet
If you have the habit of hair combing right after you wash it, do not do it, that way you aggress your hair the most. Try to dry comb it after it well enough; you will see that you will do it much faster. Look here for a few details.

8. Heat Protectant
You do not use a heat protection, that if you use hair straighteners or curling iron. For this you really need to have protection, if you don’t already, look here for a recipe you can do by yourself for heat protection.

9. How To Not Let Your Straightener Ruin Your Hair
Hairdresser Arzu uses a hair straightener as she dresses a client's hair on August 8, 2012 at the Dry Bar in Berlin. The shop offers to make different blow-dried hairstyles, according to a new trend coming from the US. AFP PHOTO / BRITTA PEDERSEN GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read BRITTA PEDERSEN/AFP/GettyImages)
How to make the hair straightener not ruin your hair? Well here it is perhaps the best remedy, but if you want more details about this topic, you have here more information.

10. Should You Wash Your Hair Hot or Cold
girl at the shower
You do not know how to wash your hair, or how often you have to. If you need the water to be hot or cold, the question is how do you rinse it, conditioner and leave a mask to act? If you do not know the answers to these questions, then you must read this articleto help your hair.


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