10 Knitting Patterns For Cats and Dogs

If it is cold, you must know that your company needs to be dressed. Even if they have fur, they need warmth, especially those that go outside or those with not so wealthy fur. And to make yourself their clothes, here you have patterns and instructions.

1.Blue Cat Sweater
A blue blouse for a gray cat, the whole combination works perfectly. And if you want to do for your kitty a sweater like this, look here for all instructions.

2. Ruff Knit Dog Sweater
This is a sweater with buttons for a little puppy. Look how cute it is. If you have a puppy like the following image, you’ll see that if you try to do it, he’s going to feel very good in it. You have all instructions here.

3. Santa Pet Sweater
Christmas has not passed yet, and if you want your pet to be dressed in Christmas spirit, you can make them look like this, with a very Christmas blouse for your cat. Look here for the pattern for this blouse.

4. Cat blanket knitting pattern
Like all cats, surely your cat loves to sit on a blanket to sleep, and if it is new, the better. Now as a gift for the holidays, a blanket blends for your cat will bring her joy. Look here for a knitting pattern.

5. Knit a Dinosaur Hat
Ha, it’s cold, what if your cat has fur, look how she can wear a fez. And if you have a funny hat, the better. If you want to amuse yourself with your cat, look here to see how you can make something special for your cat.

6. Doggie Legwarmers
For them, I mean the puppies that go out quite often in a day, it looks like they need some long socks to keep them warm. You probably can’t find some long and very small socks for a little puppy, but look here for instructions to make this yourself.

7. Sparky’s Favorite Knit Sweater
A sweatshirt; this is definitely what your puppy lacks this winter, and if you want to offer one as a gift, try to do it yourself. Look here for details and start working.

8. Kitty Throne
A throne wool is something crochet, the perfect thing for your kitty to keep her warm this winter and to have the perfect place to relax. Look here how you could spoil your kitty.

9. Cat Hoodie
If your cat gets out of the house quite often, she will definitely need a jacket, and not just any jacket; the one that you will do yourself. If you love this jacket, look here to see how you can do this cat hoodie.

10. Knit this cute felted cat snug
Not that your cat would have nowhere to stay, but you still want to make a bed of her own. So if you want this for your cat, you have all the instructions here.


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