10 Ice Tea Recipes

If you want to have a party in the garden with your best friends, but do not want to have the same banal lemonade and juices with more acid, which anyway you can buy at any time of day, I will give you some alternatives. In this article you will find ten recipes for iced tea and lemonade much more special and tasty. Good luck!

1.Diy Floral and Strawberry Infused Ice Tea
If you really like teas, know that you can serve them also in the summer, you just have to put a few ice cubes and you’re satisfied: immediately. Here you have details about this cold and delicious ice tea.

2. Orange Iced Tea
Oranges are delicious in the summer; they give you a bust of energy. Here’s a different way to enjoy oranges, not only as a fresh. Look here for the entire recipe.

3. Iced Pomegranate Green Tea
A green tea combined with pomegranate and a few ice cubes, is something you’ll enjoy without too much hassle. To understand how you can do it, you need to look here for the recipe.

4. Spicy Ginger Iced Tea
Ginger gives you energy due to its peppery flavor. Thus, a tea and some ice cubes on a very hot time sounds to be a perfect drink for you. Find the entire recipe here.

5. Peach Mango White Iced Tea
What would be if you had all kinds of tea in the house like this, to enjoy it all day without problems. Look here for details about this recipe.

6. Blackberry Basil Iced Tea
A daring tea that certainly you have not tried, but you have to try something like this necessarily. You have all the details here about how to make a tea like this one.

7. Raspberry and Dragon Fruit Iced Tea
If you have a party in the garden, a more special tea would be a good idea, well this tea will be perfect to surprise your guests. Look here in what this mixture consists of.

8. Blueberry and Lemon Iced Tea
A lemonade and several blueberry will be a different kind of lemonade which is much better and special. In this link you have the recipe and details about how easy is to make and how delicious it really is, you definitely must try it.

9. Vegan Thai Iced Tea
This is a more special tea; in fact, it may possibly be associated with a cappuccino, just as it is for vegans, those who cannot tolerate milk, so … look here for the recipe.

10. Berry Iced Tea
Last recipe is simple and very good. It is rapidly done; surely you have all the ingredients in the fridge. Look here for all the details.


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