10 Great Diy Jewerly Box Ideas

Jewelry boxes are as important as the jewelry, so you have to have something to store them in. However, if you do not want to buy little containers or maybe what you find in stores are not to your liking, here’s how you could do all by yourself such boxes for your jewelry. It is simple, but you’ll certainly enjoy it, so read the entire article and get to work.

1.Secret Box


A secret, small, beautiful box can be done with your little hands. It is more complicated to achieve, but if you’re a crafty person and like to do things like this, then this will be perfect for you. If you want to try to make this box, find details here.

2. Diy Record Player Jewerly Box


If you are passionate about music, well clearly this jewelry box is special to you, so why not have a jewelry box that best portrays your personality somewhat. You have here all the details.

3. How to make your blinged out box


This is something more precious this time, so if you like things that shine, or gloss, this will be for your liking. You can do this with great ease, you can find here details to make this precious jewelry box.

4. DIY Personalized Wooden Ring Bearer Box


This is a box for rings, especially for wedding day. Here are the other uses, you can also use it after to keep your favorite jewels in it, and so you can re-use it smoothly, whenever you want. Look here for details about how you can also make such a beautiful jewelry box.

5. DIY Tiffany And Co inspired Jewelry Box


If you like the boxes of jewelry that you see in department stores, well you know that you can make your own at home, so look here for details to make a fine and very elegant jewelry box.

6. Weathered Wooden Jewelry Box


This is a small closet, not a wardrobe but a special jewelry towards a desired outcome. With some small accessories on it, it will be more elegant. To have such a beautiful jewelry box, you need to follow this tutorial.

7. How To Turn Chocolate Box Into


You never thought that a box of chocolate may be helpful in storing your jewelry. However, it can truly help you and it also can look amazingly good. You can find here more details about this project.

8. Epoxy Jewelry Box Diy


This is a more special jewelry box, a little bit more complicated to achieve, but if you really want to do something nice, even for a gift, look here for details about this project. If you’ll read the entire article you will see that it has some special jewelry box is personalized with a picture of the person that will use it.

9. DIY Jewelry Box


If you still do not want to complicate yourself with the making of jewelry boxes, this looks like the most simple jewelry box, so if you still want a simple one yet with your fingerprint, you have here all details to make something like this.

10. Jewelry Book


You really did not expect this, but a book can be a successful jewelry box, so if you like jewelry and books, you can have them both at the same time. Look here for details about how you can make something like this, a very beautiful and special jewelry box.


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