15 Projects to Turn Your Old Sweaters

Do you have some blouses from the past winter that you no longer wear, or maybe they went out of style, or simply you do not like anymore? You can turn them into something useful and warmly to wear on a bad weather. In this article you have several projects on how you can make old sweaters, gloves, stockings, pillow, scarf and skirts wearable again, if you have some skill. Surely, it will be an amazing job.

1.Mittens From Old Sweaters


Some gloves in a cheerful color are everything you need on a cooler weather because these will make you positive. Thus, if you have a bold color sweater, you can immediately have a pair of funny gloves. In this link you have all the details.

2. Jersey Patch Blanket


A new blanket, we need a blanket all the time; let’s see how fast you can reinvent some old sweaters that you no longer wear for a while now, so look here to see how you can do yourself a new blanket for cold winter.

3. Diy Sweater Pillows


If you have solved the problem with the blanket, go to the next step, namely a few pillow cases. Get into the state of winter by getting to work; with three sweaters you have solved the problem. You have all instructions here.

4. Leg Warmers


What we should not miss on a cold weather are some socks, something warm for our feet. In this regard, you can do by yourself a few pairs of warm socks using an old sweater. Look here how you can achieve this.

5. Upcycled Sweater Slipper Boots


Slippers, we should not miss some slippers on this winter, so let’s try to make a pair of slippers more customized on our needs from a sweater and some skill. You can immediately have a pair of slippers. In this link you have all the details about how you can make these slippers.

6. Hat


The cold weather caught you without a hat. It is time to immediately resolve this situation with the help of one old sweater, thread and needle, and you’re ready to have a wonderful hat. You have here the details for this project.

7. Two Turtle Gloves


If the weather is not so bad, and you feel that you need gloves though, slightly less warmer, these are suitable for you. Thus, you need to take an old sweater, yours or of any family member, and you can realize these gloves, as this link shows you how.

8. Diy Repurposed Sweater Stocking


Even though the Christmas has passed, this is useful for the next Christmas to come. Here are some tips to see what to do with old sweaters, so put them aside and for the next winter you can make some beautiful accessories, as illustrated here.

9. Quick and Easy Coffee Cozy from a Repurposed Sweater


Are you an avid coffee drinker and if you like to take your coffee to go, in the office, look what you could do for your cup of coffee to keep from being burned to get to work fast. It is beautiful and joyful. Look here how you can do a repurposed sweater for you cup of coffee.

10. DIY: Cable Knit Lampshade


A small change in your living room is always welcomed to be in tune with the weather outside. Try to make a winter coat for lamps from an old sweater; look here for tips on how to have a funny lamp, ready for winter.

11. Sweater-Wrapped Candle Holders


Look how well these candles in winter clothes look like. If you want to have a few dressed candles, look here for details about this project.

12. Yellow Sweater Turns Into a Bag


A bag from a sweater will be perfect this winter. If you have a sweater that you loved and you do not want to give up on it, a bag made of that sweater will be perfect, so you’ll have it all the time. Look here to see how you can make such a beautiful bag from a sweater.

13. DIY Sweater Macbook Case


You have a bag; well how about if your laptop had also a warm bag? You can do it from a sweater of yours; all you need is some more skill in this case, but you will have something to be proud of. In athis link you have all the details.

14. A Sweater Covered Pot


Everything is ready for winter in your home, but less your plants. Try to incorporate the spirit of winter for your plants too, even if they don’t necessary feel the cold; it will be a nice transition for this winter. Look here to see how you can quickly make a sweater to cover your pot.

15. Sweater Bangle Bracelet


We must not miss the accessories, even if it is winter, so if you want a bracelet, let’s do it in such a way to keep us warm, somehow. So a bracelet made of a sweater will be perfect this winter. Look here for all the details you need.


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