10 Yoga Poses For Period Pain

All women and girls have this problem; some more severely than others, but there seems to be some yoga exercises that can relieve these pains that we have every month. If you’re an avid yoga adept, it is even better, in this article you will find some exercises.

1.Head to knee pose


For starters, this one might seem like a difficult exercise in an awkward position, but once you try, you’ll see that the effort you will do is not as you originally thought. You have further details and explanations in this link.

2. Child’s Pose


From the previous position, you can move easily in this position, which is a more relaxed one, and you’ll see that if you fully release of your stress and worries, it even will work. You have here all the details.

3. Bow Pose


With some stretches like this, you can already feel that you begin to have more energy and less pain, so look here to see what you have to do and start working on it.

4. Camel Pose(Ustrasana)

Yoga - Catherine Tingey

In this exercise, you already begun to stretch more than the abdominal side, the one that causes you more pain, and you will start slowly to relieve that pain. By making a few repetitions, you will see that you will start to feel better. Look here for how many sets of repetitions you need.

5. Cobra – Bhujangasana


From the previous position, in order to relax your legs and muscles, begin to sit in this position for relaxation. In this link you will for how long you need to maintain this position and how exactly helps you with your pain.

6. Malasana (Garland Pose)


Another position that stimulates the muscles is a little funny but with beneficial effects, so try it on your less happy period during the month and you will see the results. You have in this link more details.

7. Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)


Trying to move and not just sitting in one place you will see that you will start feeling better, your body trying to get out of hibernation, this position stretches all your muscles. Look here for more details.

8. Self-Care With A Twist


After so much effort, somehow, these exercises are more for relaxation of the bones and muscles without too much movement, but simply relax in different and more unusual positions. Just like this one, which you can find here.

9. Bound Angle Pose Baddha Konasana


Buddha sitting position seems to be very relaxing and good for your lower back, and if you can hold as much as you can in this position, it will even reduce the pain, look here for more details and instructions on this position.

10. A Yoga Pose I Can’t Live Without


You definitely sat like this when you were in pain simply because that you thought it would be better; well, it works and it has great effect. To understand better the effects and what is best for you, look here for more details.


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