10 Best Pet Treat Recipes

Do you have a pet and want to indulge him often but also to be healthy? Well, in this article you will find ten rewards for healthy recipes for your dog or cat. In addition if you do not want to spend money in on various types of food that they don’t usually eat, these will be surely eaten.

 1.Apple Cinnamon PupCakes for Dogs

This is a delight for your puppy, sometimes it deserves a pampering, or even on his birthday, you could get to work and do something good and healthy for your pet. In this link you have all the ingredients.

2. Turkey Pumpkin Jerky

It may not look very appetizing, but for your cat it will be the best thing in the world, so get over the look of this pampering and go and prepare something for your cat. Find all the details about the recipe here.

3. Soft homemade treats for older dogs

If you have a furry friend somewhat a little old, then this recipe will be great for him. It is delicious and soft, even if he is old, it needs to be pampered. Find the entire recipe here.

4. Peanut Butter Bacon Bones

I think you’ll come to find that you’ll want to taste from these cupcakes because they look so good. They have peanut butter so your pets will adore them. Find the entire recipe here.

5. Tuna Kitty Treats

Because cats love fish, such goodies for your cat will be perfect if you want to pursue his indulge occasionally. Here you have the recipe for these little tuna treats.

6. Homemade (Healthy) Dog Treat

You only need two ingredients and you will do something delicious for your puppy, as a reward when he does good things for you. You have here the recipe and other details regarding this healthy recipe as a reward.

7. Tuna Treats for Dogs and Cats

Fish can be suitable for puppies too, not only for cats, why not, if these are delicious, your dogs can eat them. If you do not believe, try this recipe and see the results. You have the whole recipe here.

8. Salad Treats With Yogurt Glaze

Certainly if you give your dog or cat vegetables, they won’t touch them, but if you put them in other combinations, you will see how successful these will be. So you have here the recipe to try yourself.

9. Pumpkin Turkey Gummies

That’s really delicious for any dog, and it is worth doing for your puppy. In just one day you can do this, it needs to stand in a refrigerator for several hours, but it is worth every effort. Look here for the entire recipe.

10. Cherry Oatmeal Muffins

We conclude with a dessert, it’s weird but puppies also eat dessert. They definitely will love sweets even if you cannot. This doesn’t look great but for them is the slightest thing they care as long as it is tasty. Find this recipe here.


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