10 Fun Crafts You Can Make for Children

Children will never refuse more toys than they have, so why investing on other toys when you can very easily make them. It is very simple and very funny when you’re making toys with them – a very pleasant activity, indeed. In this article you have ten projects on toys you can make with children; easy and smooth, this activity will make your day.

1.Diy Nebula Jar


The galaxy in a jar is something spectacular for children, and a very beautiful work to be done in the family, so take what you need and start working on it, you have all the details here.

2. Cork Sail Boats


Summer is coming, and the swimming must be full of boats and floating stuff for your kids, to play with. Look how you can do this, to have many colorful boats in the pool this summer. Here you have all the details about this boats.

3. Marshmallow Shooters


Sweets, all children love sweets, but if they would have a better launcher for sweets, it would be perfect for them, and so look how you can enjoy your children at a birthday party; it would be ideal to have something for them. It is easy to make and fun, look here to see how exactly you can do this.

4. Chalk Rocks


Chalk is still a favorite, our children still loves drawing on asphalt with chalk so why not make them a joy and somewhat do some rocks with which to color a few on the asphalt? Well, with the remnants of chalk that you have, put them out altogether, grind them and form large stones… to better understand the whole process, you have everything in this link.

5. Super Sci-Fi Rocket fueled Jet Pack


All boys want to be astronaut, well why not start with a special backpack for astronauts. Look here to see how you can make a rocket fueled jet pack for your boy.

6. DIY Cardboard Ring


You cannot find a boomerang all the time, or maybe you lose it, so why do not you make yourself a kind of boomerang, in a very easy and useful way? You can fix this problem with cardboard and if you want to be more cheerful, colored paper. Look here to see how you can do this.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Fox Craft


Foxes, many foxes that will enlighten your day are easily done, and your kids will love them effectively because they are colorful. Look here to see how you can make them, with just a few things and a little imagination.

8. Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloons


Hot air balloons are the most beautiful things you can do in miniature, obviously, and you can enjoy this with your children, so look here to see how you can have fun with your kid making hot air balloons.

9. Glitter Snow Globes


Snow globes are easy, even if the winter holidays have passed, instead of snow, you can put something else in place of snow and enjoying a globe all the time like that. Look hereto see how it can be done.

10. Pot Of Gold Telescope


A telescope, we all wanted to have this kind of thing to see things differently. This will even keep him busy for a week at least, look here to see how you can make one.


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