11 Pallet Corner Sofa Designs

Sofas, we should not miss a sofa in the living room, so if you do not want to invest heavily in an expensive sofa, and if you want one to just be nice, practical, and do it with minimal money, in this article you will find some ideas for sofas that you can do with great ease in your house at a very low price.

1. Patio Day Bed


A small sofa is perfect for a small terrace or for terrace in an apartment. With a few pillows you solved the problem of the relaxing space. You have more details and sketch of this project here.

2. DIY Modular Sectional – Corner Piece


This is a modular furniture so if you want a sofa like this, look here to see what you have to do. With such a sofa, you can create several pieces of furniture, so go for it.

3. Cozy Pallet Sofa


For a small apartment is not quite recommended a large sofa, but forget about that, with some pallets you can make a sofa how big or small you want, comfortable and for your taste, you have here even more details.

4. Terrace Sofa


This is a small sofa, suitable for garden or for a patio behind the house, so with a minimal expense, you can have it, doing all the work, so look here to see what you have to do.

5. Elegant Pallet Sofa with Thicker Mattress


With a base made of pallets and some large pillows, even very large and fluffy, you can have a very comfortable sofa to your living room with a very small budget, look here for more details.

6. DIY Pallet Sectional Sofa


Colour and simplicity, this is what this sofa made of pallets transmits, so look how beautiful it looks with some storage space underneath it, so … look here to see what you have to do.

7. All White Sofa


Are you the type who loves the white stuff, and do not want to have other colors more vibrant in the house? Maybe you cannot scarcely a white sofa, well here’s a few pallets, in this link, you can make a white sofa perfect for you.

8. Vintage Inspired Pallet Sectional Sofa


You don’t think you can have something like this in your living room? Well, you’re wrong, it looks really good, but you can also have something so easy in your house, follow the instructions from this link and convince yourself.

9. DIY Leather Pallet Sofa

leather sofa

Leather sofas, they look great and have a very elegant and precious air, but if it was only half a sofa leather, where would be the problem, certainly nowhere so look in this link how you can get such a sofa.

10. Industrial Pallet Sofa

pallet sofa+table_calinteriors.blogspot.com

You renovated the entire house, and have adopted a style with a small budget, so after all the details that you put in the whole house, it looks like a sofa is going to be perfect in your apartment, look how it looks in this pictures you can find here.

11. Shabby Chic Whole Pallet U-Shape Sofa


This is the biggest couch for a large family, and as you can see, is very comfortable with more storage space, so if you have a large family, and the old sofa was not enough for you, here you will find the instructions to make this shabby chic whole pallet U-shape sofa.

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