8 Yoga Poses For Back Pain and Scoliosis

I’m not a big fan of yoga, but when it comes to back pain I would do anything to make them heal faster, so try yoga. It does not have the most complicated movements, yet, it is better than none at all. So if you want to try, you can have an idea how to improve back pain in this article with some yoga exercises that will remove backache.

1.Shavasana (Corpse Pose)


This is clearly easy, we can do it anyway, anytime, nothing complicated, but it seems that relaxes your back, so the pain will go. Look here for more details.

2. Supta Matsyendrasana – Torsion on the ground


From the previous position, you twist to one side and keep it in the place, you may feel as soon as you relax a little that the joints stretch very good. Look here how and what you have to do.

3. Eve in Bhujangasana  (Teach Yourself Yoga)


Still a very easy position that requires indeed your back, but you’ll relieve pain. Try it and it is very easy to achieve. Read more in this link.

4. Cat Cow Pose


This time it is already explained all this special exercise in these pictures, so look for all here, and you will understand all movements there, if you still want more details you have here everything.

5. Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog Pose


A clear description of this position is not to do but to understand everything by itself, unless you want some more details, as it helps position you have them in this link.

6. Child’s Pose/Balansana


Surely you saw this position of yoga, you know it, but did you know how it could help you? Well it seems to work, so it’s worth trying. You have in this link all the details.

7. Extended Triangle Posture


Just like classic lunges that you were doing when you were small at the gym class, heat up the back muscles, and pain diminishes, it is easy to do and the results are amazing; look here for all the details.

8. Viparita Karani


And to conclude with a relaxing, very pleasant exercise, definitely do that sometimes look as lifting a leg so, it may seem funny but it’s relaxing. Look here for more details.

If you suffer from back pain and do not know how to relieve the pain, know that a few yoga moves can improve the situation a little. If you read this article and tried a few exercises here, and have been successful, tell your friends to like and share on Facebook, and a pin on Pinterest. Thank you!

8 Yoga Poses For Back Pain and Scoliosis

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