10 New Superfoods to Include in Your Diet for a Healthy 2017

In this year we should be preoccupied with health and be more careful about what we eat and how we eat. Not to keep diets as we want, without having no idea what it is. I have tried in this article to gather some foods that it seems that this year will be the most popular but also very healthy. Read the article and see what attracks you.

1.Activated Charcoal for a Cleaner You?


Activated charcoal, let’s start with removing toxins from the previous month which was full of goodies. Activated charcoal helps eliminate toxins, help in balancing cholesterol but it can also help in hangover. In this link you have all the details regarding charcoal.

2. Best Benefits Of Watermelon Seeds For Skin, Hair, And Health


Surely you love to eat watermelon, but this time it is not about watermelon itself, but about the watermelon seeds, that every time we throw away, because we do not know how helpful they are. Well it looks like this watermelon seeds are very popular, became a kind of chia, very rich in minerals and protein, very good for the body. But you have more details about them in this article.

3. Is Atadwe (Tiger Nuts) Good for You? Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts


If you like nuts as I like them, an actual fan, and then you try this kind of nuts, I did not know before, so I wanted to share my discovery with you. Delicious and very healthy and they bring a mineral intake for a great body. You have more details in this link. 

4. Most Popular Probiotic Foods


See this preparation because it is a preparation that you can do at your own home with just a few ingredients, simple, you can have the richest in the probiotics food in your house. Water kefir, it seems to be a food star of this year, even if the year has only just begun, it seems that things are established from the beginning. You have the recipe and more about it in this link.

5. Avocado Oil: A Better Choice for High Heat Cooking


Avocado is the most loved fruit, but did you know that there is avocado oil? As good as the fruit itself, but it seems to be very good and when you have diverse fried dishes are not as harmful as other oils at high temperatures. Find all the necessary information in this link.

6. Is Sacha Inchi Oil the Healthiest in the World?

dried sacha inchi on roasted sacha inchi seeds background

This food is still new to me, but I learned new things, and is also good, and this month itself but also oil from this plant, and to see what it is, you have everything in this link.

7. Maqui, the quick, Nutrition Science


Looks like blueberries or blackberries depends how you know, it just looks better, but are totally different fruit, which this year became very popular. In main property of this fruit is that it is a powerful antioxidant. But many other properties of it you have here for more details.

8.Healthy Homemade ‘Jello’ Recipe


Jelly, maybe it’s unbelievable but it seems to help the body but it is not jelly, it is about gelatin, leading to the preparation, and it can serve as something lighter, to do something sweet. The entire recipe and details about how you can use gelatin in the body, you cand find in this link.

9. Purple Cauliflower

purple cauliflower

Purple cauliflower. I do not see in all the stores this kind of cauliflower, but when I see I buy because it is full of nutrients and antioxidants, so if you want to start with other healthy foods, try this one. For more information access this link.

10. Why You Should Eat Goat Meat


I talked until now only of legumes and all kinds of seeds, well look as meat is good in certain situations. I left it in the end because not everybody loves meat, but only for those that do, know that it is very good and this, especially the lamb and mutton, everything that comes from those two are healthy and full of vitamins. If you are keen on meat and dairy products derived from sheep or lamb, you have details about them here.

If you want to start 2017 well and healthy, I hope this article has helped you in this process, and if you want your friends to know about these tasty treats, give him a share or like on Facebook, or pin on Pinterest. Thank you.

New Superfoods to Include in Your Diet for a Healthy 2017

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