10 Makeup Trends to Try This Year

Most women love makeup, even if it is just a little bit, we cannot get out of the house without being a little cautious with make-up. So, considering these, I have prepared for you a small top with what is exactly trending this year in terms of makeup and colors. Thus, if you want to know the last trends, read this article.

1.Pink Glow


Blush, we always need to have some blush and shining on our cheeks. So, as a trend in 2017, blush should not miss from the makeup routine, so girls, shine your cheeks. To see how you should apply the blush and how the results should look like, you can find more details in this link.

2. Purple Lovers


Purple is the most trendy color this year, the makeup with purple is very popular but, if you are not familiar with this, you should try it, it will look very good because it is perfect for any kind of eye color. So, look here to see how you can do this to get a perfect and sleek makeup with purple.

3. Glitter Shadow


Glitter is something of a wow factor this year, so if you dare to try anything, this is your chance. If you have the confidence to pull this off, it means you can definitely rock this glittering eyeliner under your eyes. Look here for many pictures and details to see how you could get this to work for you.

4. Glitter Lips


More glitter is the norm now, so why not try some for lips too. Just a little bit. Ok, maybe more. It is such a crazy trend, glitter lips, perfect for a night out in the club with your girlfriends. In this link, you have much more pictures and details on how you can do this makeup.

5. Bold Make-Up


This is another trend that is taking over, it is not hard to work on it mainly because that’s all you have to do, put the color directly on your eyelid. This is what is trending this year, not exactly one of my favorites but there is definitely someone who will love it. You can find in this link, more picturs, and details.

6. Bold Lips


If the eye makeup is strong, well, the lips could also have the same impact. With a strong color for lips, you can cross the normal line a bit, to make them look fuller and bigger. This is perfect if you want to have fuller and bigger lips. You have the tutorial here.

7. How To Master Trending Makeup Techniques: Watercoloring 


There are so many new trends now, full of color, so check out this one too, with Watercoloring. If you like this one, check it out in this link to see what is exactly I am talking about.

8. Perfect Smoky Eye


Also, we should try some more normal makeup, with less glitter, because of this year, the classic smoky eyes makeup is still trendy. It looks like this will never go out of style. if you don’t know what I am talking about, check it out here to understand more about smoky eyes.

9. Mannish Eyebrows


Apparently, our bets are still on the natural makeup so the details will have to be on the eyebrows this time. So, the most recommended makeup is natural eyebrows, plucked a little bit or maybe not at all. This link will describe this makeup even better, check it out.

10. Glowiest Skin


We end this article with the most simple trend this year, glowing skin. A healthy, glowing skin, with a minimum of makeup, will be perfect for you. For this kind of makeup, you have more details here.

If you are passionate about makeup si what you should wear this year regarding makeup, then this article was clearly perfect for you. Now you will know how to combine the things this year. These trends should also be considered by your girlfriends too, so give it a like or a share on Facebook, or even a pin on Pinterest. This way, they will know exactly what is trending this year. Thank you!

10 Makeup Trends to Try This Year

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