10 Fun DIY Dog Toys

Toys for pets are never enough. So, I have looked for different toys that I could make for my dog, and if I already looked for them, I thought to share these with you too. You could definitely find something interesting here, they are fun to make. Thus, you will find 10 easy projects you can quickly make, read the entire article and see for yourself.

1.Sunshine toy


Let’s start with something easy, with some paper rolls we have left from toilet paper. With these, you can make great toys for your cats. So, make this quickly and you will keep your cat busy for a while. In this link, you will find more details.

2. How to Make an Interactive Feeder or Toy


With a little bit of skill and handcraft, you will make something for your pets to keep them busy for a long time. The purpose of these toys is to give them a reward every time they can get it out from the toy. This is an intelligent toy to make for your dog, so start working, you have all the details in this link.

3. Make Your Own Interactive Dog Toy


This is very easy to make as long as you already have a toy with some space in it. You can stuff it with other materials and your dog will try to get them out of there. There is nothing simpler than this, look here to see how you can make it work.

4. DIY Puppy Toy


If you are good at sewing then this will be easy for you. Now, let’s make some toys for your dog, I will give you this idea, you just have to follow the instruction from here.

5. Agility DIY: Jump Base


Dogs have energy all the time so it is time to teach them some tricks. For example, you can use a jumping base like this one on which they should jump over. This way you will temper down their energy. Look here for the entire tutorial to make this.

6. Homemade Foxtail-type Toy


The title is very fun but the toy itself is crazy to make. If you look closely you will see that it really resembles a fox tail. With only some tennis balls and materials, you can also make something like this as toys for your pets. Visit this link and see how to do it.

7. Diy Ball Dog Toy


With a ball and a T-shirt, you can make a new toy for your dog. It is simple and fast, what you have to do is sacrifice a T-shirt you don’t wear anymore and that’s it. Look here for the entire tutorial.

8. New Braid/Ball Combo


This is a combination of your dog’s favorite things. So, a ball and a rope will make a great toy, it will be lovely for your pet to play with. You can find all the instructions in this link.

9. Restuffable, Easy DIY Dog Toy


Fluffy toys are the biggest enemy of dogs; immediately they see a fluffy toy, they want to destroy it, so let’s improvise a little bit, so they will always have a toy like this one to destroy. If you want to understand what this is about, visit this link.

10. DIY T-Shirt Toy


The simplest and useful toy ever is always welcomed. I left this one in the end because it is definitely worth it. With some old T-shirts, you can have a new toy for your dog; because all dogs love these kinds of ropes, they will adore it. You can find the entire tutorial here.

You might find yourself in the situation you are left out of toys or they get old and not so funny anymore. Well, I hope this article helped you with some pretty and innovative new toys that your pet will definitely love. And, furthermore, you can both have fun doing them. If this article helped you, well, spread the word, share or like on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest. Thank you!

10 Fun DIY Dog Toys

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