10 DIY Adorable Crafts to Make for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most waited celebration of the year so we need to prepare accordingly, to have fun and give special gifts. Because us girls are crazy about accessories and perfect gifts for this special day, I gathered some cute projects for you to make easily and quickly.

1.No Sew Fabric Valentine Envelope


Try some cute and full of love envelopes. You don’t need anything to sew, you only need some material, accessories and a little bit of skill. To understand everything, you have all the details in this link.

2. Why Don’t You Make Valentines Day Votives?


We all have some jars around so giving that it is impossible for you not to find one, look in this link to see what you can make with a lantern, some hearts, and a simple jar.

3. Diy Chocolate Box Valentines


Chocolate and Valentine’s Day is the perfect combination. If you want to give a gift in a special box, in this tutorial you will find some special chocolate boxes.

4. Diy Valentine’s Day Treat Bags


If you don’t want to give a box as a gift, you can do other special packages as presents. For example, little special bags for Valentine’s Day, look here to see how you can make some of these bags.

5. Heart Straw Toppers


In such a beautiful night as Valentine’s Day, you need to serve a special cocktail and you cannot do this with a simple straw so here is something for you to make a much more romantic straw for special drinks. In this link you can find all the instructions for lovely straws.

6. Diy Valentine’s Day Branch Tree


The trees haven’t bloomed yet but let’s improvise a little and make something to have such a tree in the house but fully bloomed with hearts. Look here to see how you can make this.

7. DIY Valentine’s Day Pallet Nail Art


These very big paintings are a trend right now so let’s try and see how we can also make something similar at home. This will be a nice gesture for the person you love so look here to see what you need to make a painting like this one.

8. DIY: Valentine Light Bulb


A Valentine’s Day full of hearts bulb is something unusual and special. With a little imagination and a set of skills, you can easily make this kind of accessory for you home. Look here to see what you need in order to make such a beauty.

9. Diy Valentine’s Day Mug


This is something we all women adore, mugs. And how this is something special, we can also make one just how you like it. Look in this link to see how you can make this by yourself.

10. DIY Conversation Heart Cork Coasters


For such a lovely day, let’s do something cute for the house, specifically, for the table. These small things will be fully appreciated thanks to their messages and their heart shape. What better way to declare your love, isn’t it? Look in this link to see what you have to do and what you can use.

Let’s get ready for this amazing day celebrated by the lovers all over the world. So, if this article helped somehow to make incredible gifts for loved ones, share this for everyone to see or pin on Pinterest. Thank you!

10 DIY Adorable Crafts to Make for Valentine’s Day

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