5 Ways To Use Cookie Dough

Oh, cookies. Oh, any kind of cookies. We all crave some sweets from time to time so why not have handy the easiest recipes with just a few ingredients. But not any ingredient. The special ingredient is cookies dough which you could find at any store in a tubular form and frozen. Well, with this special ingredient you can make a different kind of cookies not only classic ones. I gathered all the recipes and I want to share them with you in this article.

Buckeye Bars

Let’s try something more complex, which looks like something sweet made for an event. However its looks, this is easy to make especially with cookie dough. If you want to try it, you will find all the details in this link.

Chocolatey Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

These are small cups full of chocolate, any woman’s dream. With only a few ingredients, especially chocolate, you can have them right away in your kitchen and you can make them pretty easy, look here for all the details.

 Hot Chocolate-Marshmallow Cookies

Chocolate, biscuits, and marshmallow. This is not a dream, though. It is indeed delicious and you could make it easily with ingredients from your house. Because it is easy to make if you have cookie dough, you could try it right away, all the ingredients are here.

Easy Salted Carmelitas

Caramel, and chocolate. Not any kind of caramel, though. We are talking about salty caramel, which will make a great combination with chocolate. You have to try this recipe, it is easy to make and you can find the ingredients you need in this link.

 3-Ingredient Brownie Batter Cookies

This is the latest and fastest recipe, now you will see that I left the best for the end. This is the fastest way to make something sweet and affordable because it has the sweetest and loved ingredients, look here to see all the ingredients.

I am sure you have cravings right now but you already know what you have to do. If I helped you with these ideas, you can give it a share or like on Facebook or maybe save this on Pinterest, for all your girlfriends to see. Thank you!

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