10 DIY Home Decor Crafts You Can Make with Burlap

Accessories for the house are never enough so let’s make more. This time, we could use this material; you might never thought to use it before, am I right? Well, it is incredible what you can do. So, you will find in this article 10 projects you can make home with very elegant accessories.

1. Diy Burlap Memo Board

Maybe you wanted this accessory for a long time now, to gather all your notes or simply to have all your friends photos in one plance. Well, look here how you can to this burlap memo board.

2. Easy Graphic Art

If you want to change your paintings around the house, you can have some fun by hanging some art on the wall. Look here to see how you can make a painting and still relax a bit.

3. Diy No Sew Burlap Table Runner

The kitchen also needs a new style so you need to change it up a bit. Let’s make a nee burlap table runner without sewing, maybe just a little painting; nothing complicate, really. In this link you can find all the details.

4. Leather and Burlap Fringe Coasters

This is another accessory for the kitchen, some small coasters for your glasses. If you like these, then you should try to make them, it is not that hard, look here for all the details.

5. Simple Burlap and Lace Candles

Candles are something we all have but of them are simple ones. Well, you can make a simple change by decorating them with some lace. Look how to do this in this link where you will find all the details for this project.

6. Burlap Crafts, Ideas with Coastal Stripes and Succulents

Let’s re-decorate our pot flowers too using the same material we have used so far. Let’s start working, you can find more details here to see exaclty what you have to do.

7. Simple Burlap Diy Bokkmarks With Photos

Bookmars are always necessary so we could help ourselves with this material to make something beautiful. Look here and see how it’s done.

8. Striped Burlap Curtains

We evolved into some more complicated things to do but do not worry. If you follow me, it is quite simple. We can also make some striped burlap curtains, so check out here to see what you can do.

9. Glitter Heart Burlap Banner

Even if Valentine’s Day has passed, the entire month is about love so it is never too late. Look how you can do a full of hearts and glitter burlap, in this link you have all the details.

10. Easy No Sew Burlap Sack Dog/Cat Bed

I left something funnier in the end but still very practical, especially if you have a pet. So, if you have a bag of this material, and you fill it with something fluffy, you can do something easy for your cat or your dog. That’s it, for more details you should check out this link.

I hope you already start to organize your stuff and start working on decorating it, surely you have found something interesting in here. If you liked this article, share this on Facebook or save it on Pinterest. Thank you!

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