10 Pretty Diy Pillowcase Ideas

Pillowcases are really amazing and we never have enough. We always want to have a lot of them, especially in the bedroom and on our sofa when we watch movies comfortably. So, if you don’t want to spend money on every single beautiful pillowcase there is on the market, I have gathered a few DIYs in this article. Here you have them, 10 easy projects you can do by yourself so start working.

1.DIY Vintage Style Pillow Cases

This is something simple, a sort of an update of what you already have in the house. So try to add these accessories to your pillowcases to give them an update. They could look amaing, look here and see what you have to do.

2. DIY Fur Pillow Cases

Even if the cold season has gone, the fur will work perfectly with any decor so why not try it sometimes. You can do incredible fur pillowcases, look here for the instructions.

3. How to Make a Pillowcase Using the Burrito Method

This is something also for the kids, something cheerfully, so why not change the atmosphere in your house. Because spring is near, we all need some color so, look here to see how you can make these ones.

4. Diy Indigo Shibori Pillow

If you have white pillowcases and you most definitely do, look how you can renovate them with a little color. It is an easy and fast technique so, look in this link where you have all the details.

5. No Sew Pillow Case

This involves no sewing, it is clearly the most easiest pillowcase you can make. You can also have endless pillowcases like this one because you can do it with any kind of material. To better understand what I am talking about, visit this link.

6. Envelope Pillow

This is a normal pillowcase but we don’t all know how to do it, so, look here to see how you can do them quickly too.

7. DIY No-Sew Pillow

If you don’t have to sew, I don’t have to tell you how amazing it is, you already know it. We don’t all have sewing technique nor a sewing machine, so this is something that doesn’t require neither. Look here to see how simple it is with absolutely no sewing.

8. Simple Throw Pillow

This is another classic model you could do it by yourself if you have a sewing machine. You can also do it with tape but it is a little bit more complicated. If you still want this, then you should look in this link for the entire toturial.

9. Diy No Sew Pillow Covers

This is another example of pillowcase you don’t need to sew, it’s all about glueing with a glue gun. If you want to make some decorative pillowcases, then this method will be perfect for you, look in this link to see how you can do it.

10. How To Watercolor Paint On Fabric

Maybe you don’t really need a tutorial to see how you can make a pillowcase, but this is a tutorial to see how you can beautify your pillowcases, especially those white ones. Add some colors and they will become adorable, look in this link to see how it’s done.

After all these ideas, your pillows must look incredibly beautiful. Surely you will work something out of these ideas. If you liked this article, share it on Facebook or save it on Pinterest, so your friends should discover them too. Thank you!

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