10 Diy Lego Projects

Lego, we all have Lego in our house, even if we don’t have children and that’s mostly because it is an interesting way to spend your time. But, if you have some lego pieces in your house, let’s see what you can do with them, something even useful, so keep reading this article and see what you might like from all the ideas.

Diy Lego Minifig Necklace

Have you ever thought about necklaces? Well, you can make a great necklace with a lego minifig. We did it and we couldn’t be happier, look here to see how you can do it and start working.

Lego Desk Organizer

It might seem you never have some order on your desk and you have all the pens dispersed all over the place. So, let’s do something about it, let’s keep them all in one place. How do we do that, you asked? Well, you can use some Lego pieces to make a glass in which you could place all your pens. Now you are organized and your pens will be always handy. Look here to see what you have to do to make such a colorful glass.

Lego Diy Key Hanger

Clearly, we never have a place to put our key and we throw they away around the house. Thus, we cannot find them afterward. But, let’s use the lego pieces. If you can gather together some lego pieces, you can arrange them in such a way to make a perfect place for your keys. Look here to see how you can get this amazing lego keyholder.

Diy Lego Pencil Holder

This time, it is not about Lego pieces, but a jar with the face of a lego. So, all you have to do is to paint the jar and that’s it. You have fixed the problem. Look here to see what you have to do.

 LEGO Earrings

Earrings? Yes, you can make Lego earrings. How cool is that? If you would love these, all you have to do is to check the steps here and you will have them in no time.

 Lego men to hold your cables

We all have problems with cables because they are everywhere in the house and every time we sit on the desk, at the computer, we find them to disturb us even more. But, let me tell you how Lego can help you. They have those small hands to help you exactly with these kinds of problems, so they could hold your cables and you will have the space you need. Look here for even more pictures and details.

 Lego Soap and Hand Sanitizer

If you have a problem with your kid and he doesn’t want to wash his hands, well, look how everything could change with just a few pieces of lego. You can transform the sanitizer to look like in the picture. In this link, you have more pictures and details on how to do this.

 DIY Lego Vase

This is a more special vase for flowers because it is colorful and it would integrate perfectly into the spring design for your house. You can get this result with lego pieces. So if you want to find out more about this, you have everything in this link.

 DIY Lego Ikea “Alang” Lamp

This is something special for the kids and their room. This is a personalized and funny lamp with lego figurines. It seems like hard work but if you like it and you have a set of skills, you can look here for more instructions on what you have to do.

How to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser

Candy could get even funnier for children, so look how you can make something cheerful and clearly lovely for your kids with just some lego pieces. To better understand how you can actually make this, visit this link.

Surely you have never thought you could use Lego pieces this way. They all are useful and cheerful for your house, so give these ideas a try. If you liked this article, please give it a share and like on Facebook or save it on Pinterest. Thank you!

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