10 Creative Painting Ideas for Your Wall

If you are bored of your home environment, changing the furniture is an amazing idea, but it may cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, redecorating your walls is something you may want to try. As a matter of fact I found some creative and cheap painting ideas for your interior walls which will definitely change the entire aspect of your mundane home environment. Let’s change ordinary into something extraordinary! So, take a look over this article and try one of the following wall paintings that will definitely change the entire aspect of your home.

1.Bohemian Wall

Let’s start with something simple and on a boho style so you won’t have to complicate yourself too much. These have enough details and if you aren’t quite handy painting them, look here to see where you could get them.

2. “Paint Splatter” wall decor

Maybe this is the easiest painting you can do on your walls from home, if you don’t care how good it will look or not, so dare do it. Look here to see what you need.

3. Kids Bedroom

This is a great option for kids because they are the ones who get bored faster, so I found something for them. If you want to do this, look here and see what you have to do.

4. Painting a Chevron Pattern on Sloped Ceilings

If you have an office and you don’t want it to look boring with the whole atmosphere, you can make something like this pictures, with some patterns and some color. It will definitely be a success, look here to see what you have to do.

5. Painting Stripes on Walls Made Easy

If the previous project wasn’t exactly to your liking, then here you have something simpler to make, with classic straight stripes. Maybe these ones fit you better for your wall.

6. Ribbon Lattice

This is something elegant too and with a nice and pleasant effect. This is where the easy part comes because you don’t have to do it yourself if you can’t handle painting. So, you can look here to see how you can fix this for your walls.

7. Lovely Lace Doily Wall

Maybe you are a more feminine type so I have also found something for you too to make at home, with a beautiful pattern to choose from so start painting. In this link, you have all the details you need about the entire project.

8. Castle Wall

The next projects will be a little bit more complex and you will have to work harder. But it will totally worth it. If you have a little girl, a princess, a room with these print as a castle will be perfect for her, so look here to see what you have to do and start working.

9. Living Room

In the living room, you also have to make something because it has to look fresh and clean. So, some painting will be perfect for those walls, if you have some skill set and imagination, look here for more pictures to help you as inspiration.

10. Moon Mural

The last and the most complex one is this, a moon mural, recommended strictly for those who are more specialized in painting. So look here to see what you could do.

Thus, let’s accessorize our house with something beautiful and colorful, made even by yourself, so give this article a share or a like on Facebook, or maybe save it on Pinterest to always have these ideas handy for when you are ready to start working. Thank you!

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