10 Easy St Patricks Day Crafts

Another day to party comes really soon and it’s full of green, just like spring. Thus, you need to intensely prepare for this, so let’s start with some new accessories you can quickly make yourself. It will all be green and gold, a lot of rainbows, because of the St. Patrick holiday; it is all about luck and cheer.

1.St. Patrick’s Day Almond Butter Cups

Let’s start with something green and delicious, something perfect for this holiday. It is time to make something sweet today, so look here for the entire recipe.

2. Mini Shamrock Pinatas for St. Patrick’s Day

This is a pinata but on a smaller scale. Even if it is something small, for the kids it will be a real joy. With a carton piece, green paper and glue you will get something amazing. Eventually, you can make this with your kids, so you will have a full beautiful day together. Look here and see what you have to do.

3. Rainbow Wrapped Marshmallows

This is something sweet again and as you can see, it is easy and quickly to make. All the children will adore this kind of sweets, so look here how easy you can make them and what exactly you need.

4. Cereal Box Leprechaun Hat

An important symbol of this holiday is a green hat. So let’s try to make these green hats, on a smaller scale again, because they will be used as a candy holder. So, if you will have guests, you can offer them as small gifts to go. Look here to see what you have to do.

5. Hand Tinted Shamrock Mason Jars

Now it is time to use those jars you have because look how amazing they look. You can use them to make this holiday even more special, so check here for instructions and what you need to make these beautiful jars.

6. Toilet Paper Leprechauns

Leprechauns, these small and cheerful leprechauns are another symbol of this holiday. So, you can make those with some tubes you have left from the toilet paper. I know, it seems weird, but you will have amazing results and it will be fun to make, look in this link for all the details you need.

7. Diy St. Patrick’s Day Hair Bows

These are something beautiful to make for girls, some hair bows so they would have luck all year. If you are handy and you can make this minuscule hair bows, look here and see what you have to do.

8. Eraser-Stamped St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

This is a special T-shirt for St. Patrick holiday. If you haven’t bought one, don’t worry, you can make quickly one at home because all you need is a simple T-shirt and some painting. In this link, you have all the details.

9. Diy Lucky Poppers

You also need confetti for this party so let’s try to do something about it if we had some confetti even for Christmas. If you want to see how to make these, quickly and simple, visit this link.

10. St. Patrick’s Day Party Decor and Photo Props

Obviously that these accessories for drinks and pictures could not miss from this party, so I have found something for this too. With some free time, you can make this too. Look here for all the patterns.

That’s it. You can also accessorize this holiday so you can fully enjoy it properly. If you liked this article, give it a like or share on Facebook or maybe pin it on Pinterest, so everybody knows how can enjoy it too. Thank you!

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