5 Diy Creative Lamp Revamps

Let’s redecorate what we have in the house, this time focusing on lamps. So, let’s bring another color to the atmosphere, something more fresh for your old lamps. To learn how to personalize the lamps from the house, fast and easy, keep reading this article.

Pom Pom  Lamp Revamp

Pom-poms are great if you want a simpler and cuter lamp, white or in any other color, simple none the less. With some pom-poms like these ones, you will have immediately a new lamp in your living room. Look here to see what you have to do.

 Ombré Dot Painted Lamp Shade

Green is perfect now because the spring is near so we need to prepare fully for it. So, let’s style our lamp in colors of spring, so it can all be perfect. With a little paint, you can do it too. Look at this link for more instructions and details so you can do this.

5 Minute Lamp Revamp with Spray Paint and Ribbon

Did you recently buy a lamp but you’re not that excited about how it looks? Well, you can easily and fast make it to your liking, just like the one from the image above. You will find all the details and instructions you need in this link.

 Shabby Chic Lamp Shade

Let’s make something more elegant and precious. So, you could try this with some flowers, to make it more cheerful and bring everything to life, especially your old lamp. Thus, see what you can do and more instructions here.

 DIY French Script Lamp Shade

I left the most complex project at the end because it is totally worth it. It is not so hard to make it, but if you are good with your handwriting and you still want this style, you can make it. Not everything is perfect, it is your lamp, after all, so make it your own. All you need is a marker. That’s it. You can easily and quickly do this, and if you need more instructions, you can find them here.

Now that you saw what you have to do and if you liked these suggestions, share them with your friends, you need all the help you can get. Also, they could do the same revamp at their own home. So, give it a share or like on Facebook or maybe a pin on Pinterest, to let them know. Thank you!

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