15 Diy Lip Balm Recipes

Lip Balms. Girls always need lip balms, or things that should give them a little bit of lip hydration. I have been looking for some of the best DIY’s and I want to share some recipes I have discovered. They are all listed in this article.

1.Hemp & Honey Lip Balm

As a simple and classic ingredient, honey is always amazing so why not use it to make your own lip balm at home. It will even have better properties than those from the market. Look here to see how you can do it.

2. Healing Homemade Lip Balm

This is another lip balm with honey but the recipe is slightly different. Also, this comes in another package so you can have different ones. Thus, if you are into these, look in this link to see what you have to do.

3. Hand-Made Sparkly Strawberry Lip Balm

After we saw how the most simple DIYs are made, let’s start making some lip balms that are a bit more complicate, because it involves glitter. In this link you will find all the details.

4. Swirled Lip Balm

Look how amazing a colored lip balm is, it is actually pretty cute. For a cheerful and crazier person, this will be perfect for sure, look in this link to see what you have to do.

5. DIY Lip Balm

With a little bit of color and moisturizing, a lip balm will be perfect for anyone, especially if this is what you are looking for in a lip balm. In this link you will find all the details to see how you can make this lip balm too.

6. DIY Birthday Cake Lip Balm

It is not a cake, it is a lip balm with a taste and smell of a cake. If you want to make a gift like this for your friend, this will definitely be perfect. You will find in this link all the details you need to make one.

7. Crystal Light Lip Gloss

This is something more new, using soda bags and lip balm, this is a strange combination, but totally worth doing it. Everything works amazing, in this link you have all the details for this lip balm.

8. Pink lip balm

This is another lip balm with a little bit of color but if you want even more, this gets better, you can do it however you like it. If you want to try this, here you will find all the details.

9. Lip Gloss Diy

This is another complex project but it is worth the time. So, let’s see what fits you better and what is not, because it involves glitter and a little bit of color. You will find all the details in this link.

10. Mint Chocolate Lip Gloss

Of course, we couldn’t have done these lip balms without involving a little bit of chocolate, so let’s do something about it. This is a lip balm with chocolate, you can only imagine how delicious this can be. In this link you will find all the details about this delicious lip balm.

11. DIY | lip balm wedding favors

Let’s do something with weddings too, how is this as an idea? Especially when you do this for the guests, the girls will be so excited. So, let’s see more details about this here, to see what exactly we have to do.

12. DIY Shea Butter Lip Balm

Shea butter in a lip balm is heaven. It is so perfect that you must have one like this in your purse. The best part is, it even is perfect for anyone, boys or girls. Look here to see how you can do it too.

13. DIY Lip Balm Perfect for Winter

Even if the winter is long gone, it doesn’t matter. We need this everyday so you can start doing this right away, nobody will know that is perfect for winter. Look here to see how it is done.

14. Coconut Rose Lip Balm

A more provocative combination does not exist. Coconut and roses is the perfect mixture there is, everything will be perfumed and delicious. If you want to try this combination, you will find everything in this link.

15. Diy Fancy Lip Balm

I left the most interesting DIY for the end, because it is so good and interesting to make. Not only the recipe but also the little box you store it in. If you want to see this process, look here to see what this is actually about.

Lip balms are a necessity nowadays, surely some of these DIY’s caught your attention so start working, it is totally worth it. If you liked this give it a like on Facebook or maybe a pin on Pinterest. Thank you!

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