15 Diy Adorable Crochet Baby Hats

As mothers, we always find it difficult to make the babies wear the small hats, no matter if it is hot or cold outside, they really need it. So, for you, as a mother, I have looked everywhere for some projects, so you could learn how to make your own crochet baby hats, a lot more funnier and colorful. So, keep reading!

1.Crochet Pig Hat Pattern

Let’s start with something basic, so we can firstly learn how to make some more complex projects later. So, if you go here, you will learn all the basics you need to become a pro.

2. Cabled Slouchy Beanie

These are something so much simpler, even for you, so if you want to accessorize perfectly with your daughter, in this article you will find all the details about this baby hat.

3. Knitted Polar Bear Hat

A polar bear is also a great choice, every mother what her little baby to look like a little bear. Now you can do this, you can have a baby hat in the shape of a polar bear, and your cutie could actually look like a big and white bear. In this link you have all the details about this baby hat.

4. Monsters Inc. Sulley Inspired Baby Hat

This is a little monster, even if some of our babies actually are monsters sometimes, we still love them. Well, a baby hat like this one will go perfect, am I right? Look here to see how you can make a baby hat like this one.

5. Crochet Lamb Hat Pattern

From monsters to lambs, well some kids are just like that, don’t I know it? Because there are also some quite babies, a hat like this one will fit perfectly, you can find everything in this link, all the details you need.

6. Just Ducky Hat

Duckies are very fun and cute, so let’s make a baby hat like this one. Your kid will be even cutier. In this article you will find all the details to make such a beautiful baby hat.

7. Newborn Long Tail Hat

How about some elf hat? Let’s have our own little elf around the house with this beautiful and ingenious little hat, look here to see how you can do this.

8. Floral Baby Earflap Hat Crochet Pattern

This is a hat for a young lady already, it is colorful and cute, every little girl would ant to have this so learn how to do this beautiful hat from here and your little girl will love it.

9. Gingerbread Man Crochet Hat Pattern

This is more appropriate for Christmas but it doesn’t matter. You can easily prepare from now for the next year holiday, look here to see how you can do it.

10. Newborn Dino Hat/Cape

This little hat is more for the little ones, so they can feel warm at their back, and it will be actually funny to watch them wear this, look in this link for more details and instructions.

11. Hershey Kiss Hat

This hat is so cute I can’t even cope with it. Especially because it even looks tasty. You can also make something like this, in this link you will find even more details.

12. Crochet Dalmatian Dog Pattern

If your kid loves puppies, look how you can trick him into wearing this hat, with puppies on the hat. In this link you have all the details so you too can make this.

13. Crochet Aviator Hat Pattern

If you want your little boy to be a pilot, you can start from now, with a little hat in this style, you will have a little pilot around your house. You will find in this link all the details so you could learn to do this.

14. Sesame Street Elmo Inspired Baby Hat

This is one of the most cheerful and joyful hat, and you can do it too. To learn how to do this, visit this link.

15. No-Sew Fleece Hat

I left something easier in the end, so this is a baby hat you could easily and quickly make it. The best part is you don’t even have to sew. So, if you need a hat fast, look how you can do it yourself, visit this link and you will see everything you need to know.

For every mother out there, this probably was a useful article, and if you want your friends to know about these too, give this article a share on Facebook and a pin on Pinterest. Thank you!

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