15 Diy Shoe Makeovers

The shoes. Oh my gosh, the shoes. All the women around the world know what I am feeling, we love our shoes. It is an unconditionally love, so let’s see how we can cheer up with shoes today! And mostly, cheer them, because we all have old shoes we stop wearing. However, here are some ideas in this article, so you can bring your old shoes to life, changing something. Because even the smallest detail will make the difference. Check out all the details from this article.

DIY Disco Pom Pom Shoes

Pom-poms are the most beautiful and cheerful details so let’s use them for our shoes too. They will look amazing this spring. Look in this link to see what you have to do.

Pretty T-Strap Pumps with Ankle Bows

Bows are always feminine for any girl. Thus, if you have old and cheerless shoes, make them more elegant with these little bows. In this link you will find all the details.

 Wedding Shoe Stickers

You are going to be a bride. Well, this moment is special so you need to work on your shoes to have a beautiful memory of this beautiful wedding day. Put some stickers on them and you will have small details at your feet. Look in this link for more details.

Diy Leather Lace-up Gladiator Sandals

This kind of sandals are also trendy this year again so if you like them and if you want them in your wardrobe, in this link you will find some instructions so you can make this by yourself, at home.

 Fabric Covered Shoes

Surely you have a pair of shoes you like, just they don’t have that charm they once had. Look here and see how you can make them new again.

Diy Glitter Cap Toe Shoes

A little glitter is always welcomed, so let’s make a slight change to your spring shoes. This is also perfect if you have a little girl, you can make some for her too, you will be like twins. Look here to see what you need for this project.

 DIY Prada Inspired Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are so trendy, it is crazy. Why not have this kind of shoes? You don’t need to spend your entire salary on them, in this tutorial you have all the details to make yourself some platform sneakers quite fast.

Diy Brian Atwood Flower Sandals

The spring is all about sandals and flowers. This is the perfect combination so if you want to have flowers on your favorite sandals, you should know that you can do them quick and easy, look here.

Studded Kitten Heels

This is a big company that makes this kind of shoes, just they are pretty expensive. However, I found a very cheep alternative so you could make them yourself, at home. In this link you have all the details and the tutorial.

Painted ‘Something Blue’ Shoe Soles

If you will be a bride and you do not want your shoes to be average, even if they are a light shade, look here to see what you can do about them in order to make them funnier.

 Printed Pumps

Maybe you have a prince you really like, but you want him on your shoes. You can totally do this, look here to see how. With some skills, you can solve the problem in no time and you will have your prince on your favorite shoes.

Wood Platform Wedges

This project is a little bit more complex and you need patience but if you like the looks of it, you should try it. You will wear your wedges proudly because you made them. In this link you will see what you have to do.

 DIY Alexander Wang Inspired Gladiator Sandals

This is another project to make with these sandals but it is a little bit simpler, all you need is a pair of shoes and some materials. You will have the most trendy sandals ou there, look here to see how you can do this.

Neon Shoes Diy and Painting Leather

Colors are perfect in the spring and the more the better. This spring, to give a more confident and cheerful look to your shoes, you can do this. Paint your sandals, just like here and you will get what you want for the summer.

 DIY: Tribal heels

This is a detachable accesory, you can quickly add it to anything, shoes or sandals. With an old necklace you have solved the beads problem, look here to see how and find all the details.

If you also have some pairs of shoes you stopped wearing, surely this article helped you like it helped me. If it did, please give it a share and like on Facebook or maybe a pin on Pinterest. Thank you!

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