15 Diy Fun Leggings

If the bad weather is gone now, it is time for leggins, for going to the gym, so we can look awesome for the summer because it is coming fast. So let’s start working. Thus, if you want a diversity of leggins, you should not have to spend money every time you would like another pair. This been said, in this article you will find a lot of ideas to make your own pairs of leggins or maybe to accessorize the ones you already have.

Diy Knee-Patch Leggings

Let’s start with patching because you surely have some pants or leggings that suffered a little bit over time and they now have some holes in them. Well, with these kinds of patches you can solve the problem real quick. In this link you will see how you can make them.

 Diy Slashed Leggings

Slashed leggings have long time of being out there but they are still trending so let’s stop paying for a new pair because now you can make your own. If you own a black pair of leggings, look here to see what you have to do.

 Yoga Pants

If you are a yoga fan, I found something for you too. To see how you can make your own leggings for yoga, and to be comfortable and quick to make, you can find all the details in this link.

 Light Up Leggings

For a night out with your girls, let’s try something funny and more funky. These are some light up leggings, alright? Here you can check them out and see the instructions for them.

No-Hem Bow Cuff Leggings Diy

These are another perfect leggings for yoga, and with those little bows they look so feminine, so they will look amazing when you will do yoga, look here to see how you can make them.

 Vinyl Leggings

A night out in the club with your girlfriends should be a perfect occasion for you to make something new out of your leggings, look here how. You need some material, a little bit of skill, and that’s it. You night in the club will be perfect.

 Comfy Knit Lounge Pants

However, you can also have some great pants to wear in the house, something more comfy. So, let’s try to make this kind of pants, all the women know how good they feel around the house, look here to see how you can also make some pairs at home.

 Create Custom Leggings in 30 Minutes

All you need is half an hour to have some cool pair of leggings for your little girl, and she will be ready to go anywhere. It is simple to make, you can find all the steps in this link.

 DIY Suspender Leggings

If you don’t want that classic tights, look here to see how you can stand out better with a pair like this one.

 DIY Cell Phone Pocket

A big problem with sports pants is that they don’t have pockets, where we usually want to put our phone, so we could listen music. Well, look here to see how you can make a pocket for your sports leggings.

 DIY Zebra Print Leggings Using Bleach

With a little bit of chlorine, you can transform any ordinary pair of jeans, and you could also make interesting shapes on them. This time, I found a zebra print, if you want to try it out, look in this link and see the entire tutorial.

 DIY Galaxy Leggings

It was a crazy time with this leggings, but you can have them too. It is even easier to make them at home, so start working on it. In this link you can find all the instructions.

Stamped Jeggings

Your little girl got bored with the ordinary leggings so look how, with the help of some stamps, you can make something new from those old leggings. They will be so much funnier, look in this link to find all the details to see how you can make a stamp and start working.


Let’s say that you don’t own any pair of leggings, you simple don’t have them and you don’t want to go shopping for them. Well, let’s see how you can make some leggings all by yourself for gym, learn everything you need to know from here and see how you can do them.

 DIY Patterned Leggings

This is a very happy and colorful pair of leggings, with a funny print which will be great for sports, it will give you so much energy. For this print, you can find all the details here.

So, in the end, it doesn’t matter, either they are sports leggings or some elegant ones, or maybe they are simply for your comfort at home, this article meant to show you how you can do some new leggings to your liking or to accessorize the old ones. Give it a share or like on Facebook and maybe a pin on Pinterest, so your friends can read it too. Thank you!

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