The Most Beautiful UV Gels We Girls Need

The most beautiful UV gels for manicure are a very useful and versatile material we all need. It is used in professional beauty salons for several years, often replacing the old material, the acrylic resin. Applied correctly, the most beautiful UV gels will improve the texture, shape and general appearance of nails in a short amount of time.

In addition, if you never managed to have long fingernails, using UV gel you can get exactly the look you want: medium or long nails that are going to look natural, dramatic and lascivious. This material requires exposure to ultraviolet light to harden, which offers another advantage: shaping can be a very thorough process, for perfect results without fear of early drying gel.

Now you have professional equipment to make your gel nails at home and there are several reasons you want it. Maybe you’re crafty or you are tired to give a lot of money for salon every two weeks. On the other hand, with a relatively affordable investment and the willing to learn something new, you can make a small salon for friends, even at home. After you’ve purchased a UV lamp, you are definitely looking for some cheap and good professional UV gels. To make the most inspired choices, I would like to present the main products on the market:

1. Gels in three phases: construction method in 3 steps for nails with gel is the oldest but also with the most spectacular results in the hands of specialists. If you are a beginner, it may be, however, quite difficult to apply. This includes 3 types of gels: one adhesion when applied to the natural nail prepared in advance, a construction that provides shape and desired thickness of the nail and one gel for gloss and sealing (the top coat), which prevents damage and ensure the final appearance neat and glossy.
Turn to your online environment to build a gel nail kit and accessories. Here you will find various and the most beautiful UV gels, lamps, batteries, cleaning products and templates, without losing too much time before you plunge. You can easily find cheap and good professional UV gels, or any set look, especially considering the different prices, discounts and promotional kits on the Internet.

2. Mono-phase gels (three-phase): these are gels that incorporate all three steps into a single product and you’ll find under the name of auto-leveling genres. Thus, it is easy to apply and shape, with a lower density and a greater pliability than gel construction. It is, however, prone to leak, resulting in minor damage or imperfect and domestic accidents. You have to be careful when you apply it (and later, when you wear) but is generally an easier and quicker option.
3. Natural or colored UV gels are available in a variety of colors, the most popular being the transparent polish, nude color (a beige-pinkish mimicking the natural color of the nail) or white (mostly for French manicure). There are, however, colored gels, with glitter or phosphors, for more dramatic or party looks.

Other features of the UV gels you might need to consider are: some of the characteristics of UV gel choices will reveal only once you have tried the product. It is ideal that they do not have a too strong smell, to not be hypoallergenic, to not turn yellow over time, to be resistant to chipping or cracking, yet not so hard as to damage the nail or finger. The most beautiful UV gels do not affect the natural nail and they remove easily, using special solutions. Also, it behaves better when and if you want to be applying nail tips to enlarge the manicure effect or for maintenance.

Thus, with this information in mind, let’s see which are the most beautiful UV gels right now on the market and which suits you the best:

1. Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish Kit 6 Pastel Colors + Base Coat and Top Coat

Personally, I am very pleased with this product because it is smooth, it dries just like a normal gel polish and then, all you need is some alcohol to wipe in order to remove the tacky layer after the top coat is sealed. Thus, it is kind of durable and it has very rich colors. Most of the customers said that it even withstands pedicures, so you can be sure that the colors will not fade. The brush is made very well in each bottle, making it very easy to use. I am always excited to try new things and I am glad I discovered the most beautiful UV gels, taking a chance on new products. Other costumers said that they have abused their hands with gardening and it still lasts. Thus, this UV gel seems like a really lasting product that does not discolor and it is easy to take off when you need to. Just use a file on the top layer and make it a little rough and add a cotton ball of acetone to it and surround it with aluminum foil. The heat from your hands will accelerate the acetone to removed the polish quicker.

This is a wonderful product and I have come to this conclusion even from the first use. What I loved the most are the facts that the colors are beautiful, they go smoothly, the size is great, and each bottle is meant to last you for a while. The top coat shines beautifully, the base coat goes on nicely, and most importantly, it will last for a couple of weeks without chipping. Now, if you are not very impressed, well, I am. Using a LED lamp, these beautiful UV gels hardened very quickly and with no other problems. Moreover, the packaging was great because it was taped inside of styrofoam so the bottles were well protected.

2. Clavuz Soak Off UV Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Now, I am very pleased with this UV gel nail polish. It works great and the colors are beautiful. Really, it was better than I expected it to be. The bottles are kind of small, but for the price, it is great. This is a perfect starter kit for someone who still learns about tips and tricks. I was able to customize my order and from the 6 polishes, I requested a base coat along with a top coat. This also met my expectations. The colors are beautiful and last a while without chipping.

3. New Professional White / Pink / Clear Color Builder Gel Uv Nail Art Manicure

This is a professional UV gel product for nails. It is not a nail polish and is designed to be used by professional nail technicians. That’s not to say that anyone couldn’t learn to use it. However, if you expect to brush it on your nails like polish and place your fingers under a light for a minute or two, you are going to be extremely disappointed. You need to properly prepare your nails in order for this product to adhere properly. That includes roughing the surface of your nails and applying a bonding primer to your nails before applying the gel. You also need to cure the gel thoroughly – the time it takes will depend on the light that you are using. Even fully cured, the gel will still be a little tacky and you will need to wipe your nails down with alcohol. If you don’t follow all of these steps, the gel will peel off your nails very easily. You will also want to add the gel in thin layers and build it up, rather than applying a thick coat.

Now I would like to address a couple of the concerns that I saw in other reviews when I was researching the product. First of all, the pink gel. I saw a number of mentions about how it is nearly clear. The pink is a traditional french manicure coating, which is a pink tinted clear gloss rather than an actual pink coating. It’s intended to be used with the white gel so the finished effect looks like incredibly clean, natural nails with white tips. The other concern I saw in other reviews was the amount of product included in the containers. You will find that the containers are only about half filled. They are actually designed this way. The reason for this is to give plenty of room to work the gel thoroughly into your brush. Dip your brush into the gel and then wipe it along the sides. Repeat the process to be sure that the gel is completely worked through all the bristles. This will prevent you from having bubbles in the finished gel.

4. Gel Nail Polish Set Soak Off UV Led Nail Varnish New Start Set Color Collections Lacquers Manicure from Clavuz

This polish is great. The colors are all neutral, but look fantastic. I will attach some pictures with and without flash to show the colors. I am on day 14 with this polish on and it is showing slight wear. I always use Gelish top and base coat, do not have oily nail beds and do 2 coats of polish. I have been using my OPI led lamp for 3 years and have gone through many brands of polish. I like these colors and the quality.

5. Sexy Mix Red Soak Off LED UV Gel Nail Polish Colors

After reading the reviews, I was skeptical. However, this product was great! Not only have they lasted, but lasted longer than other gel colors I’ve used. They go on great and look even better. Painting your own nails with gel takes practice. I kinda feel the people who gave bad reviews just didn’t know what they were doing. So I was a little bit skeptical of ordering this after reading the reviews but I did so anyways cause I love all the colors, first off it came a day early which was awesome, and I used them the first night cause I was so excited. The colors are so beautiful and I love them.

6. Perfect Summer Gel Nail Polish UV/LED Soak Off, “Spring Garden”

I took a shot and ordered this set even though it had no reviews, and I was glad I did. Other than a minor shipping issue (one of the bottles leaked and there was polish all over the inside of the package) it was a good purchase. I used the base and top coat with 5 of the colors, with a $13.99 LED UV light also purchased from amazon prime (red, U-shaped). I wasn’t sure how long to dry since the bottles say 20 seconds LED 3 minutes UV and my lamp says it’s a LED UV, so at first I did each coat for 3 minutes. Finally, I decided to test out only doing 1 minute and they were cured perfectly. At first, I panicked and thought they weren’t working. The base coat was still sticky after curing, which I took to mean that it didn’t cure. This is not the case. Just keep going with the color coats and finally the top coat– it will be sticky until you clean off your nails at the end (i use rubbing alcohol on a cotton round) and then you will be left with hardened gel nails. Follow the normal directions for a gel manicure and you should have great results. Just be careful not to let it cure on your cuticles or skin because it won’t wash off and ultimately the polish will peel sooner (I find its best to use a small brush dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean up the skin/cuticles before curing)

7. Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish Set

The glitters go on smooth and even. The Polish is not too thick and not too thin. The colors are beautiful and I am most impressed with the glitters because of how even it spreads. I used a LED light and had zero problems. So far I have had the Polish on for a week and it has not chipped. I will be ordering more colors. My only wish is that you should have the option for top and base coat because when I do re-order they won’t be needed. Also, the shipping came sooner than expected. I ordered on the 10th of August and they arrived August 23rd (wasn’t expecting them until September). This is great nail Polish and you really can’t beat the price. Follow the instructions (not included, but are on this page and they will work for you too). I definitely found my new brand of gel nail polish. Thus, I am very pleased and a very happy customer! You can be too!

I was hesitant at first to buy this polish because of the price and the amount you actually get. I figured it had to be too good to be true. However, I’m really happy I purchased them. The colors are very pigmented and last a long time. They work the same as any other gel polish. You have to use two coats along with a base and top coat. And it works just fine. Better than I expected. I’ve only had it on for three days, but so far no chips or signs of peeling.

8. 12 Pure Colors UV Builder Solid UV Gel Set

All the color you need is included in this set. Brilliant and high-quality nail art paints. It is also suitable for nail art paintings to create your own nail design, suitable for using with other nail art products such as nail polish, UV gel, etc. You can also use this on artificial nails as well as natural nails. It is easy to paint and long lasting.

As a conclusion, whether you are interested in best UV gel for use at home or if you want to do a supply to a salon manicure, so you could choose from what you specifically like, it is necessary to pass through a prior documentation stage if you want to make an inspired and healthy selection.

These recommendations were selected and ranked compared to other offers on some essential coordinates: popularity in sales, quality formula, utility and impressions of customers.

Thus, as their structure, all of the most beautiful UV gels need to meet a few important rules, which should be available in case of any selection: it is self-leveling, it allows easy construction nails, it offers either a natural basis on which you can build on, even if it is for a final aspect type of French manicure, it hardens smoothly inside the UV lamps, with no need for extra heat, it solidifies its form flexible enough so it will not deteriorate easily on the nails.

I hope I offered some good choice, these worked amazingly for me. However, I am completely open to new suggestions, I never have enough UV gels. I think we all can agree with that! So, let me know in the comment section below which are your favorite UV gels and share them with us! Thank you for reading!

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