Longboard Decks – Top 8 Ideas To Fly Away

Longboard decks are exactly what you need so you could fly away, anywhere and anytime you want. Reach your limits. Read this Top 8 longboard decks and this article will help you to reach your destinations. You might think it is similar to a skateboard, but in fact, it could not be more different. This is very different from skateboards usual due to their design which allows a smoother and easier ride, users making wide turns that resemble the motion of surfing.

Longboard gets increasingly more attention, for people interested in a convenient way and fun walk through the city, but also for young amateur sensations who prefer racing at high speed in skateparks that are specially designed with ramps. There are models for everyone, regardless of experience level, and unlike skateboards, longboards decks are easier to handle, being larger and offering more stability for any user.

Aspects that you have to consider when buying longboard decks

1. Your level of performance

When purchasing your longboard, you should know your performance level for the sport. Are you a beginner, intermediate or expert? Because there are shapes, styles, and configurations for longboard decks that fit each performance. Thus, it is important to be realistic with your level, so you will not have unpleasant experiences.

2. Skating style

Longboard decks are classified according to the style of skating. Thus, there are many following models:

Cruising/Carving – Here we talk about models that help you go on short, medium or long, on the way home, flat or sloping land. If you buy a longboard for the first time, this is probably the style of skating that you need.

Downhill – These are models that will offer you speed but you will also manage to maintain the desirable control you want. Usually, you will sit in a leaning position on the board, to reduce wind resistance force and increase stability. It’s pretty hard to control your longboard and, as in freeriding, it is not recommended for beginners.

Freeride – means that the speed is high, and during this speed, you will encounter on the road more curbs and potholes that need to jump over or avoid them. Also, you need to control the speed during descent. This style requires a big enough control, so it is usually recommended for professionals.

Freestyle – Here is all about what it means to be creative, this style involving technical skills and movement, tricks and speed control. It is a good way for beginners and intermediates to learn what skills they need to achieve in order to be good on longboard decks but, at the same time, it is also perfect for experts.

For potential buyers interested in discovering where to find longboard decks at good prices, we recommend making a thorough documentation before deciding on a product. This is mostly recommended especially if it’s the first time they are dealing with such accessories. I would like to help them with this by offering a guide, which contains information on available models, shapes, and lengths you can have them, what a flexible board is, how to measure the hardness of the wheels and what materials are made of.

3. Types of longboard decks

After user experience and riding style, the products are divided into cruising, freeride, downhill, and freestyle models. Lately, another type that gains popularity is the electric longboard deck, which can be powered either by a motor arranged to rotate either by depending on energy recovery from braking (when the brake is pushed, some of the energy is captured and converted into a stored electricity and then the battery).

Cruising longboard decks are suitable for beginners who want to use the card as a means of transport through the city. It does not get the same speed but offers optimal stability, being easily pushed on straight roads, through traffic or sloping portions.

Freeride longboard decks are designed for successive climbing and descending, maneuvers, on curbs and curves, giving control at high speeds. Therefore, it is recommended that experienced users or those who are at an intermediate level should be the ones that can master such maneuvers.

Longboard plate for downhill is lower and less flexible, so you need to have control during the downhill race. Experienced user sits in a squatting position, so as to reduce wind resistance force and achieve greater speed and stability as well. Protective equipment is essential in these situations.

Freestyle longboard decks can be used by all categories of beginners because they offer flexibility both to learn techniques of control and tricks, slides, downhill, crossing over borders, slaloms, etc.

The appearance: The shape and the size of plates and wheels are those that indicate how longboard decks can be used by people with a certain level of experience.

4. The shape of the plate

There are two shapes for plaques in the category of longboard decks for beginners and for the advanced.

Directional – This type of plate is designed to go only in one direction, which is forward. The most common models feature a more sharp tail, encountered mostly in the cruiser, downhill, and freestyle plates.

Symmetric – Symmetric shape plate looks and feels the same, no matter which direction you go, and if you’re going to do with it spins of 180 degrees, quite common in freeride and freestyle longboard decks, then this is the model you need to choose.

In the first case, the longboard is designed to be pushed just forward, because only thus you can maintain optimum control and the symmetrical models look the same at both ends and can be handled in any direction, even the movements are made of 180 degrees, and you will not lose mobility.

The wheel shape can be profiled as curved or square. Wheels with rounded edges have reduced traction on bends, making it easier to be pushed so that you will be encountered them in freestyle and freeride models. The wheels with straight edges (for downhill longboard decks) have greater traction and slip resistance, providing a stronger grip, what they recommend for downhill racing or crossing the bars.

5. The construction of the board

The most common plates are constructed of multiple laminates, maple or birch. These sheets are glued to one another and then are pressed. The number of sheets varies from plate to plate, but as a general rule, according to how many layers are used, the plate will be heavier and more rigid.

Recently, bamboo laminate plates gaining popularity, which makes them lightweight, flexible enough, and durable.
The third and most expensive material used in the construction of plates is carbon fiber, which makes them known for their rigidity and weight greatly reduced, being preferred by lovers of speed.

The length of the board varies with each model, and the matter falls most often based on manufacturer. A longboard is a cruising of 80-106 cm long, and if you want a small plate, for beginners, you can turn to a pattern of about 86 cm. The smaller they are (76-86 cm long), you will have superior maneuverability; 94 -109 cm for the downhill ones and freeride ones have 96-106 cm. It is important to note that a plaque is a more stable longer, but it’s less maneuverable and can not be reversed at the same speed curves than a shorter one.

6. Flexibility

– very flexible – excellently absorbs bumps shocks, but are rather unstable at high speeds, which is why these are intended for a style of cruising.
– average flexibility – plates of this kind maintain stability over speed bumps and absorb shocks.
– rigid plates – are most stable at moderate to high speeds and are used by those who prefer the style of freeriding and downhill.

For downhill racing competitions, you should choose a stiffer board because it offers better stability at high speeds, but be sure it’s not as comfortable over rough terrain and bumpy. Instead, a flexible plate is more comfortable for reruns back curves at low speeds, absorbs shock better, but it’s unstable at moderate – high speeds.

7. The wheels

The hardness of the wheel is measured and expressed with the scales of type A (softer), B and D. Most models come with the scale A, with points of measurement from 1 to 100 (the higher the number, the rougher the wheels are) and hardness is expressed as 75a. Harder wheels are faster and more plastic, have less friction and can move faster over bumpy, but can break easily at increased speeds or collisions with asphalt.

The soft rubber wheels are slower and with a better grip and pass easily over bumps and cracks, but, in time, these will blunt. For example, longboard decks with a hardness between 75a – 80a are easy to handle, but it requires more pushed force, those 81a – 83a wheels, a little stronger and faster, but require a slight resistance, those 84a – 86a wheels, stronger and provides a minimal grip, slide easier and faster but are more difficult to control and the models with wheels of 87a or reduced grip harsh, are suitable to different techniques and ramps schemes.

The wheels diametere, expressed in millimeters, it is responsible for the speed you can catch, and the matter is supported by most approved opinions about the best longboard. Smaller wheels (54-56 mm) are slower and suitable for beginners, racing in landscaped parks, vertical ramps, etc., and the highest (over 60 mm) are faster and they are designed for speed and harsh surfaces.

8. Materials

The wheels are made, usually, of polyurethane, and the plate can be made of maple wood, bamboo or carbon fiber. Maple wood is arranged in stripes and it is most used, as it is durable and also cheaper. Bamboo is becoming more popular because it offers more flexibility, while you will still have the resistance.

9. Bearings

Bearings are responsible for endurance and speed that the wheels will catch, and this is expressed in standard ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee). This is accompanied by values 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, and the more popular stands in a higher class, the more it will be faster. For example, a longboard rated ABEC 1 will be cheaper but lacks precision, ABEC 3 is suitable for walking in the city, ABEC 5 is common in models of freeriding because it offers good speed and ABEC 7 has the best ratio speed-cost, while ABEC 9 products are the most expensive, but welcomed at the lowest friction and are the fastest.

Inevitably, knowing all the information listed above, you’ll wonder where to find a good price for longboard decks as other people in your situation. We tell you, on the Internet. Online, you’ll have access to a much wider range of models and manufacturers, compared with offers available in conventional places and the investment can be lower, thanks to numerous promotions and discounts.

Thus, let’s check out The Best Longboard Decks:

1. Rimable 41 Inch Drop Deck Complete Longboard

Drop longboard decks are perfect if you are thinking about cruising with style. Its drop-down deck will ensure a great stability, a way easier turning control and pushing off. Due to its less distance to the ground, you will be able to push off which will help you with fatigue. Its durability comes from the 9.5 inch by 41 inches molded deck, made entirely of 9-ply good maple. Other features include a heavy-duty, electrostatic-coated aluminum alloy trucks and ABEC-11 bearings. Thus, it is fully-assembled and you can be ready to ride it out straight from the box. I would definitely recommend this for you to consider, it is one of the most complete and strong drop longboard decks.

2. The Bomb Board Complete 41″ Double Drop Longboard

This Bomb Board will make you feel like you are surfing. It is one of the ultimate sidewalk longboard decks. Thus, if you are a beginning and intermediate user, who want a complete, top quality, ready-to-go board right out of the box, this is for you. This brand praises its origins from the 1960s Hawaiian surfing culture. This means you will get the surfing, snowboarding, and skating experience right off the bat. Anytime, anywhere. Let’s see why. Well, its design will give you full control, speed, safety and, most importantly, durability, due to its double-drop design.

Drop-down longboard decks are great because they lower the center of gravity of the foot platform. So, a purchase like this will increase your stability, while the drop-through ends of the deck provide extra carving capability. Another great thing is the fact that its sticky grip maple deck made of 9 layers is curved for the length of the board. This will also provide full heel and toe control. The 70mm high rebound polyurethane wheels, ABEC 9 bearings, and 7” painted aluminum trucks will offer you silky smooth speed and control. Built to last, this Bomb Board will give thrills to all the freeriders out there of all ages.

3. Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard ( Drop Through Camber Deck )

How to get a smooth and joyful ride? The answer is, get yourself a 42 inches Volador longboard. Why? Well, let’s see: a solid construction of 8-ply hard maple for strength, symmetrical camber deck which absorbs most shock from the ground, made of natural material, a unique identity of each deck, a beautiful wood grain, etc. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? It is also equipped with wheels that are rebounding, giving you immediate responsiveness and will allow you to have a stunning performance.

Volador praises that they only build what they want to ride. Thus, the trust is quite high since it comes from practicability. So, if you want to learn beginner skills, freeride longboard decks from Volador are your perfect choice. Now you can forget about small bumps because its 70mm high rebound urethane wheels will get rid of that problem. This longboard deck is also equipped with ABEC-7 precision bearings, so you will be surprised how long you will go with every paddle. Even if the pivot is small, it really represents a critical part, which will ensure you protection.

4. Blank Longboard Deck PINTAIL 40″ X 9″ board, Natural

This is one of the simpler blank longboard decks, easy to maneuver and with a great bounce. It is natural, quite light and I would definitely recommend this to an early rider or just a cruiser board. The experience will be smooth and the ride will be flawless. You should try this first before opting out for a more advanced longboard deck, it is worth the money. More importantly, you can choose to paint it however you like because it comes blank and with a coating over it. Thus, you can personalize it and enjoy the beginning of a beautiful experience.

5. Tech Deck Longboard Collection Series 1 Rayne

Tech Decks has metal trucks, grip tape, and real skate company graphics. Doesn’t it look amazing? Switch it out with the included set of wheels and mess with the kingpin. This collection also has included a sticker sheet, riser pads, bolts, and hardware tool. With hundreds of designs from all the top skate companies, this brand it indeed irresistible. You will definitely want to collect them all.

6. Loaded Bhangra Flex 2 Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape

If you are looking for cheap longboard decks and bamboo longboard decks, you are in luck! Here is something from Loaded you will definitely want to check out. Thus, the brand made a more compact freestyle board which will be perfect for everything you would like to try. This is a board that is smaller, lighter, and easier to throw around when you are planning to have fun. It is not necessarily overly huge, but it can bust out steezy slides and can be carried and fit into a trunk with ease. Now, you might ask if you can you downhill on this board. Well, the answer is, probably. However, this is not a downhill longboard deck but you should still give it a try.

7. Atom Drop-Through Longboard

When it comes to atom drop longboard decks, this one is really solid regarding the money. This longboard will support you the best way, like the best pairs of tighty whiteys. So, if you are a beginner, this is perfect for you, being flexible and offering you the freedom you need for downhill or cruising experience. The wheels are nice and grippy and really hug the road when you are turning at fast speeds. They also roll on almost any surface, even through the grass. Also, the bearings really get the job done and roll fairly well. All in all this board is a bargain for its price, it doesn’t get any better. If you have never ridden a board before or you are considering getting into longboarding but don’t want to spend a lot of money doing this, with this longboard you can easily start getting wherever you want to.

8. Rimable Bamboo Drop Through Longboard (41 Inch, Polynesian)

This is one of the best bamboo longboard decks. It has beautiful features which consist of a drop through style, it is made of maple and bamboo hybrid laminate and it also has a photo heat transfer graphic. Regarding the trucks, this longboard has a 7″ 180 aluminum drop through longboard Trucks, which helps to support the bamboo longboard load with more weight. About the wheels, these are 70x51mm PU wheels with a hardness of 85A, suitable for the bamboo skateboard. The bearings are ABEC-11 with high-speed Lubricant, so this is what will keep your bamboo longboard for a smooth ride.

As a conclusion, these are all the information you need to consider when you are confronting with the problem of purchasing a longboard deck. It is not always easy but I hope that this guide will be a great help. This is based on my research for the best and safe experience. If you already knew some of this options and you have better ones, you should let me know in the comment section below, it will be great to talk with you regarding this matter. I am always looking for new ideas of longboard decks, so feel free to share. Also, if you are new in this field and you still have questions, I will gladly answer them, so feel free to address these questions in the comment section. Thank you for reading!

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