12 Fingerlicious Sandwiches For Grab ‘N Go Lunches

Crisp Tuna-Cabbage Sandwich

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This crunchy sandwich will also be a delight for your lunchtime. Usually, tuna sandwiches are not crunchy but mixed with the right ingredients, it can become the crunchiest thing you ever had. Also, being a fan of light mayonnaise, I enjoy that little dab of it because, well, it is a food pleasure. And the taste is really enhanced. Thus, this tuna cabbage sandwich has it all, crispiness, fresh taste, and light mayo. The surprise comes with vegetables into the mix, just to top everything out. Of course, you could replace the mayonnaise with greek yogurt and you could also add garlic to the tuna. Enjoy the crunchy bite and savor it!

Image Credits: Crisp Tuna-Cabbage Salad

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