12 Fingerlicious Sandwiches For Grab ‘N Go Lunches

Hot Tuna Sandwich

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This sandwich is made in 5 minutes. How crazy easily is that? Because we all know that time is precious. Thus, your lunchtime will be full of flavors with this smart and tasty supper. All you have to do is mix cheese, tuna, cheese and hung curd and stuff it between wholegrain bread slices. On the side, the recipe also includes a pineapple mint salad which is even more than I could handle. I know it might seem I go overboard with this but you need to understand how amazingly good everything combines. I also love the fact that I can feel the freshness of this sandwich with every bite. And that was my goal, something easy, healthy and super tasty.

Image Credits: Hot Tuna Sandwich

Boiled Egg, Seared Asparagus & Pickled Onion

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