12 Fingerlicious Sandwiches For Grab ‘N Go Lunches

Summer Sandwiches

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Now, this looks small, but I promise you, you will get full soon enough. Not to mention, every bite is gonna make you happy. They are called summer sandwiches because they are easy, healthy and tasty.

Thus, you have one sandwich with goat’s cheese, walnut & roasted pepper. For this one, you need to mix the goat’s cheese with some cream cheese, and then spread the mixture over a slice of small white bread. Cut some roasted bell pepper into strips and then top it with whizzed walnuts. Not too much, just enough to get that crispiness.

The next sandwich is made from lemony cucumber and prawn. Thus, spread a slice of bread with butter, add some slices of cucumber and then add a teaspoon of mayonnaise mixed with a zest of one lemon. Top everything with 1 cooked prawn and add another teaspoon of that mayo. It sounds incredible, isn’t it?

The last sandwich can be prepared with 2 boiled eggs, mixed with spring onions and 2-3 tbsp crème fraîche. Season this mixture with salt and pepper. To spice it up, add some flakes of chili. It will melt in your mouth. Then, add a little cress and serve it with a smile.

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