Autographed Vinyl

If you are a fan of music, and if you both share the same passion, then your guests will too. And what better way to express what you love, despise your spouse, than these autographed vinyl guestbooks. Your guests will definitely be in for a treat because these look so sophisticated and playful at the same time. Not to mention it is an original idea you could easily implement at your wedding even if you have a different theme. I am in love with these vinyl pieces because each signature of guests will be there forever. And imagine how insanely decorative these will look on the walls of your hall room in your new house. You can choose to offer different colors for writing so you could make it even fancier. Moreover, consider using pieces of vinyl you definitely love to listen to. For example, find your song on a vinyl and share the feeling of listening to it with guests autographs. It is an extremely unique and personal touch to add to your beautiful wedding day!

Image Credits: Autographed Vinyl

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