Polaroids GuestBook

if you are a photographer and it has become your passion, then you are familiar with polaroids. They are an amazing touch of the past, captured in a small piece of paper. Thus, what better way to transpose this and share it with your friends than having a polaroids guestbook. It looks out of your comfort zone and it can be an interactive way of including your friends on the most important day of your lives. Of course, there will be a lot of photos and professional filming at your wedding. However, I consider polaroids to be a more personal and intimate touch. It is indeed old-school, but if you find yourself in these old times, you will have so much fun with your friends. Not to mention, you can make it all look playful and messy with hooks. Not to worry though, it will not look cheap, as you can clearly see in the picture. Have fun with it and enjoy your passion with your guests.

Image Credits: Polaroids Guestbook

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