Cotton Candy Top Knots Hairstyle

This hairstyle has such a dramatic effect that it is hard to ignore it. That is why this captivated me. It’s not every day you discover a simple and dramatic hairstyle, all in one. This is a cotton candy top knots hairstyle. How delicious does this sound? It brings everything to a new level and it will highlight your shape in the crowd. I really loved this because it is not hard to do. Also, if you know your hair isn’t exactly as thick as you want it to be, then this hairstyle will surprise you. Nobody will mess with you when you show up like this. Because it is supposed to be dramatic and fierce. And if it is excellent for the runway, think how far you could go in everyday life. Dare to be cute and fierce at the same time!

Image Credits: Cotton Candy Top Knots Hairstyle

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