14 Hairstyle Trends To Feel Like A Rockstar In 2018

The Loop Pony

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This loop pony, also called the undone bun, for obvious reasons, is a simple yet charming hairstyle. Created by Kristen Ess, it really brings something new to the table. Also, it can easily be done by anyone because it comes with simple instructions. Just twist your hair into a knot. Then, instead of pinning the ends up, let them flow free. Easy peasy, am I right? Who has the time for a complicated hairstyle? That’s right, not me! So, if you feel the same, I encourage you to try this out, you will be amazed at how easy and fast you can do it!

Image Credits: The Loop Pony

A Light Fringe Bang With Face-Framing Curls
Put A Ring On It

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