Rihanna’s Groundbreaking Fenty Beauty Makeup Rocks In 2018

We all know her as a bad gal Riri. And not without reason. She took over the world with music and fashion, becoming the greatest beauty icon of our times. You see her everywhere. That’s because she started as Robyn Rihanna Fenty, a little girl in Barbados and now she is undeniably the woman of 2018 when it comes to makeup. Her first experience with makeup started it all and I can see why she never looked back.

Rihanna wears her makeup like nobody else, being her weapon of choice when she needed to express herself. Every time she makes an appearance she radiates and looks stunning. This is what makes her powerful, fearless and a groundbreaking icon.

However, why is Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup groundbreaking? Well, I’ll break it down for you to every product she launched so far. But until then, I wanted to say that her experience over the years made her makeup line incredible. Mostly because she was all over the world, worked with the best in the business and she knew that her Rihanna Navy needed more.

And, yes, she offered a lot more! She finally did what no one else dared, she filled a void in the beauty industry for products that will suit all skin types and tones. You won’t find something like this anywhere else. Because she just gave you the choice to be an even more dedicated fan. She launched a foundation that comes in 40 shades. How insanely breathtaking is this? For a while now, every makeup line there is could only offer a range of maximum 10 shades for a foundation. This limited a lot of us but not anymore. Now, all women are included because her foundation is the first one to incorporate universal shades. And I really mean all of them.

Her products feel lightweight, they offer you high-end quality, amazing coverage from the foundation and effortlessly applied layers of lipsticks. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is so good because it won’t wear it down, your skin will look flawlessly natural. You can have fun with it and try something which had a long time coming, a natural skin that it is flawless in itself.

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