Rihanna’s Groundbreaking Fenty Beauty Makeup Rocks In 2018

Invisimatte Blotting Paper & Refill

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Who thought blotting paper is sexy? That’s right, no one. So far. Because now, thanks to Fenty Beauty, we get Invisimatte Blotting Paper & Refill. This is the ultimate product everyone needs when it comes to makeup. Why? Well, because it is chic, is compact thus portable and it will help you in the long run. Literally, if you are an active person that also wears makeup, this will be perfect for you because it will lift away any shine there might appear. Rihanna praise her product because she made it with natural fibers similar to the traditional Japanese paper. Thus, it will absorb any sweat and shine on the long run which makes it a great weapon when you are wearing makeup.

Image Credits: Invisimatte Blotting Paper & Refill

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