5 Snacks Ready in 5 Minutes

Do you want to see a movie and you’re bored of the mundane snacks you munch every time? Well, we come to the rescue with five quick recipes for snacks. There are simple recipes with ingredients that you certainly have in the house. There is also a change some of them are indispensable in your house; well, what would you say if you mix a little and make other more special snacks, but just as tasty? Try them yourself, and you will see that you won’t see another movie without them. All the recipes you will find in these pages.

1.Gluten-Free Honey Nut Chex™ Trail Mix
The easiest and most delicious mix is this one. You just need to mix your favorite cereals with some candied fruits and nuts. That’ it! Now you can have a more complex and better snack. All the ingredients you’ll find right here.

2. Gold Rush Chex Mix
You cannot miss the chocolate snacks when you’re watching a movie. So I added this flavor in this snack. Like the previous recipe, your favorite cereals will be present, just that we add the chocolate, also preferred by you. See all the remaining ingredients here.

3. Double Chocolate Cookie S’More
Marshmallows are everyone’s favorites, from the children to the adults. And the tastiest sandwich is the one with marshmallow and chocolate. Perfect for a sweet snack, it is fast and so sweet, sweet. You try it, all the steps for this delicious sandwich are here.

4.Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Parfait
If you still want something fresh, this is the perfect snack for you. It’s a combination of snacks, cereals, chocolate. The new trick is the pumpkin and yogurt. All these combinations will be a very good breakfast and a snack. A good recipe you can eat at any time of the day. You try this kindness. All details about the recipe you can find right here.

5. Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip
This is almost the healthiest snack. It is the last recipe, because the best is at the end. You only need yogurt, and your favorite fruit, yogurt because in this case will be a kind of fruit sauce. You try this and tell us this is not delicious. If you need more instructions, enter here.


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