Top 21 Breathtaking Tech Gadgets Available In 2018

ChannelMaster Smartenna+ and Stream+

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If you think you are confused by its name, don’t be. It is actually simple and highly efficient. Thus, don’t forget to throw away your cables. Yep, that’s right. Tell them goodbye and never see or use them again. Because this incredible gadget has a 60-mile range and it will pick up the strongest signal for you. You think it is complicated? Well, hold that thought. This also has the ability of optimizing your reception instantly and automatically. Impressed yet? If not, there’s more! This device will work harmoniously with the new Stream+, that has dual tuners, a free channel guide, and Android TV support. And to top it all, you don’t even need a subscription.

Image Credits: ChannelMaster Smartenna+ and Stream+

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