25 Nerdy Cakes To Have A Blast On Your Geeky Birthday

If you want to celebrate your children’s birthday in a special way, these nerdy cakes are the best choice. Because nerds also enjoy a good cake, especially with a design of his passion. Not only your kid will be excited to enjoy his favorite geeky theme, but his friends will also be impressed! So, if you wanted to be inspired to make a cake or buy one, here is the place. I have made this list of 25 nerdy cakes that any geek will go crazy about, that’s for sure!

Moreover, these cakes could also inspire you for different theme variations, all so that your little one be excited about his birthday. From Star Wars, Star Trek, Lego or Frozen cake designs, you can choose accordingly, for a great kids party.

Let’s see together what are the best cakes that will get your kids attention. These are amazing, so you won’t go wrong with any choice you make. The entire collection will satisfy any geek in your family because who wouldn’t like a DJ set cake design, for example? I also made sure to get a variety of choices so you will have a complete view of the possibilities.

Super Mario Birthday Cake

This Super Mario Birthday Cake is an excellent choice for your little one to party among its friends. This is the most familiar childhood game so it will bring a lot of memory back. Enjoy!

Game Of Thrones Birthday Cake

I don’t think there is someone who has not heard about Game of Thrones. Thus, if your teenager is into it, then this cake will bring a smile on his face. This Game Of Thrones Birthday Cake is fabulous because it will draw a lot of attention and his friends are going to be very excited to taste it!

Pac Man Birthday Cake

Pac Man Birthday Cake is great for every geek kid out there that still enjoys the game. This is the most known game in the world so the party will be a total success with this beautiful thematic cake!

Star Wars Birthday Cake

Star Wars Birthday Cake is perfect for any birthday because we all know and love Star Wars! It has been the best SF series for so many years that everyone will recognize it from the cake. It will also bring a lot of memories for adults too because this was an exceptional SF that still runs on the cinema today!

A Motherboard Birthday Cake

A Motherboard Birthday Cake is perfect if your children are passionate about computers. And what a better way to show them you are their mother with this symbolic cake. I think they will enjoy this cake very much since it is unique and very ingenious.

Finding Nemo Birthday Cake

Finding Nemo Birthday Cake is a fun and delicious way to keep the children together at a birthday party. It looks incredible and will be highly successful among the children.

Lego Birthday Cake

If your kids are passionate about Lego and they play it all the time, then this cake will be the ultimate cake for them. It is an exceptional cake because it shows amazing colors and the design is beyond beautiful. I think it will have a great success at any party, especially on your kid’s birthday!

Resident Evil Birthday Cake

If you played Resident Evil, you know what this is about! Resident Evil Birthday Cake is incredibly thoughtful and very dramatic so you might enjoy making this one for your partner. This is perfect and its geeky side will thank you enormously for this one!

Headphones Birthday Cake

For a music lover, this cake will a tremendous change of scene. On his/her birthday, this Headphones Birthday Cake will have so much success that the music will be blasting throughout the roof!

Pizza Birthday Cake

There is nothing that nerds love the most then a perfect pizza. Why don’t you combine these two into a perfect Pizza Birthday Cake! It will be amazing to see how everything looks just like a regular pizza but it has sweets only ingredients instead. What a fantastic way to surprise your loved ones on their birthday!

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

For all the Harry Potter fans, this will bring them back to the magic world. Because this Harry Potter Birthday Cake is truly magical and it looks incredibly delicious. You almost don’t want to ruin it by eating it but I don’t think anyone could handle not to. It is a fantastic cake to have for any Harry Potter fans!

Angry Bird Birthday Cake

Angry Bird is a famous game now, being launched a few years back, there are still people trying to beat their own record. Thus, this is a great choice for an Angry Bird Birthday Cake, especially if your little one loves the game! Bring everybody together with this beautiful cake!

Polkadot Princess Leia Birthday Cake

This is a fantastic cake for any beautiful geeky girl out there that loves Princess Leia. So, if you bring this to the party, everybody will smile through their ears. It is a beautiful cake too so it will get a lot of praise!

Donkey Kong Birthday Cake

The Donkey Kong Birthday Cake will bring a smile to all the kids invited to the party. Not only it is funny to see, but everybody will know the game. Moreover, it could be a great party turnover if they are playing the arcade game afterward.

Hamburger Birthday Cake

Just like the pizza cake, this beautiful Hamburger Birthday Cake will leave the guests amazed and very curious. There are ingredients undercover so it will be interesting to see how this cake is made. What a fantastic choice, isn’t it?

Whimsical Birthday Cake

This is another perfect way to celebrate a music lover. Whimsical Birthday Cake will excite everyone that plays an instrument, so if your geek is into this, you will bring a big smile on his face.

Spiderman & Superman Birthday Cake

In the superhero land, this will be the ultimate cake. Bring together two of the most loved superheroes with this amazing looking Spiderman & Superman Birthday Cake.

Star Trek Birthday Cake

Just as Star Wars, Star Trek is another SF series that brought together a lot of fans. So, if your kid loved this SF, this Star Trek Birthday Cake theme will be amazing to have on the table.

Captain America Birthday Cake

A Captain America Birthday Cake is also a great choice for someone that loves the superhero. This cake also looks amazingly colorful and it will taste delicious. What a better way to celebrate than with this theme?

M&M Birthday Cake

I could be wrong, but I am almost sure any geek would love this M&M Birthday Cake. If the pizza and hamburger cake were a guessing game, this is straightforward sweet and delicious, no guess about it!

Wolverine Birthday Cake

Another superhero that even adults love is Wolverine. So bring everyone together with this incredibly artsy Wolverine Birthday Cake. I think it looks very crafty and special so your little ones will smile ear to ear when they will see this at their birthday party!

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Birthday Cake

The Star Wars Millenium Falcon Birthday Cake will bring the SF series to a whole new level. This themed-cake is incredible with very beautiful effects. Your geek will definitely love this!

Ipad Nerd Birthday Cake

This would be a tremendous Ipad Nerd Birthday Cake because if your geek spends a lot of time on his iPad, he will love this. And, it will also bring a lot of laughs at a party because it looks almost real!

Rubik’s Cube Birthday Cake

I think that a Rubik’s Cube Birthday Cake is every geek favorite! You can’t possibly go wrong with this because Rubik’s Cube is every nerd fantasy to beat! So, change things up a bit and bring this to the party. Everyone will love it for its color and sweetness!

Pokemon Birthday Cake

This anime broke the record for the best out there. Thus, a Pokemon Birthday Cake would be perfect for any Pokemon geek. It also looks amazing to have on the table on the most beautiful birthday party!

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