20 ‘Bring It To Life’ Ideas For Upcycling Old Furniture

Sometimes, old furniture is just occupying precious space in our house. Most of them are actually broken or in a very bad shape. Thus, what a better time for you to turn it into something new. More specifically, to bring it to life and with a different purpose. This is why I made this article. I felt overwhelmed by my old chairs and broken drawers so I looked for solutions on the Internet. And, oh my God, if I knew about these things sooner…

This here is my list of very useful 20 ‘bring it to life’ ideas for upcycling old furniture. You will see amazing transformations of old and broken furniture that could be a refreshing decor for your home too. Not to mention that some furniture holds sentimental value; thus, the fact that you can turn it into something useful is extraordinary.

These DIYs are incredibly easy too. I mean, we know that time is not exactly our friend, so quick solutions are a win for me. So, you don’t need a lot of tools to bring these amazing ideas to life. You can do it too without so much of a hassle. Think about it, make your plans and get ready to see how you can achieve incredible home decor using your old furniture.

DIY Repurposed Drawer Storage Box

Repurpose your old drawers into this beautiful storage box you can use it for your kid bedroom. It is a perfect home decor solution to store the toys and keep everything more organized!
You can find instructions here

Old Drawer Shelf As A Bathroom Shelf

This is a perfect solution if you are looking to organize your products in the bathroom. Thus, reinvent an old drawer and use it as a bathroom shelf with this great upcycling DIY.
You can find instructions here

Whiskey Barrel DIY Coffee Table

This is a perfect rustic home decoration to have for a coffee table. Thus, if you have an old whiskey barrel, you can upcycle it and transform it into this beautiful coffee table for your living room. It looks rustic and new at the same time!
You can find instructions here

From A Dresser To A Wine Bar

If you have an old dresser you don’t use anymore, there is something you can do with it. As you can see in the picture above, you can transform it in this beautiful wine bar that will get everyone’s attention at a party! You can find instructions here

Turn An Old Crib Into A Fully Functional Desk

if your kid has grown but you don’t want to throw his old crib because it has sentimental value, well, you don’t have to. This DIY will allow you to keep it but reinvented in this beautiful desk you can use! It is a perfect upcycling of an old crib rather than have it stored in the garage. You can find instructions here

Wooden Spindle Bookshelf from Old Furniture

Look at this amazing wooden spindle bookshelf from old furniture. It looks pretty good for books as a home decor. Check it out, it is very easy to do it yourself at home! You can find instructions here

Old Cabinet Door Repurposed As A Small Black Rack Shelf

If you have old or broken cabinet doors you do not use anymore, here you have the best solution to repurpose them. Thus, create this beautiful small black rack shelf, it looks incredibly good as a hall decor and it can be used also as a hanger. You can find instructions here

Upcycled Barn Door Coffee Table With Storage

This is another fantastic idea for a coffee table. You can repurpose your barn door and turn it into a beautiful coffee table which will be very rustic and bohemian for your living room. You can find instructions here

DIY Faux Marble Coffee Table

DIY Old Dresser Drawers Into A DollHouse

If your little girl wants a dollhouse, then you can do this amazingly personalized one using old dresser drawers. It looks beautiful and most importantly it will be created by you. So, bring a smile on your little girl face by doing this project with her! You can find instructions here

Foot Rest Ottoman From Old Drawers

If you want an ottoman to rest your feet after a long day, you don’t have to buy one! You can repurpose old drawers for this and you will get this beautiful ottoman, as you can see in the picture above! You can find instructions here

A Makeup Storage & Vanity Table From An Old Suitcase

This is something I wanted for a long time but never bring myself to buy one. Imagine my surprise when I find out that I can do this myself from a suitcase. How inventive is that? If you want this beautiful vanity table, check it out! You can find instructions here

Wooden Stool Into A Tool And Crafts Organizer

If you have a wooden stool but no place for it, you can actually use it as a tool and crafts organizer. It is an incredibly useful repurposing of the wooden stool for your house decor. Check it out! You can find instructions here

Old Chairs Turned Into A Bench

This is something very useful if you have a lot of guests. So, as I found myself to be the case, I thought this will bring a lot of update to my house. It looks high-end and very elegant in my home decor. I tried this project right away and it was a blast. Don’t miss out on this! You can find instructions here

Repurpose An Old Door And Make A Life Story Art

This is a perfect home decor for an apartment. If you are young and just married, this is an incredible project you can both work on. Thus, repurpose an old door and make this beautiful life story art to hang on your wall. You can find instructions here

Recycled Old Grand Piano As A Bookshelf

If you ever wanted to have a special library, this bookshelf is made out of an old grand piano. I mean, how cool is that? Especially if you love music, this upcycling will be a perfect project to work on. You can find instructions here

DIY Nightstands From An Old Desk

I had a desk for almost 10 years, it was impossible for me to throw it away just like that. I worked so much on it that I decided to work a little more. And this project was an incredibly useful repurposing for an old desk like mine. Check it out, it will totally be worthy! You can find instructions here

DIY Window Seat From An Old Bookshelf

You can find instructions here

Repurpose An Old Cot Into A Desk For Kids

After your kids go, the old cot shouldn’t be just thrown away. It can totally be upcycled and turned into this beautiful desk for kids. Thus, they will still have the same furniture from the day they were born. It is an incredible reinvention for an old cot. You can find instructions here

Old Wooden Dining Chair With Broken Legs Turned Into A Wonderful Swing

I personally love this one for my garden and I can’t wait for the summer to try this! It is a beautiful swing made out from an old wooden dining chair with broken legs. And you get to keep those broken legs. You can find instructions here ” target=”_blank”> You can find instructions here

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