13 Chest And Back Strengthening Exercises For A Toned Body

As you already know, losing weight is the biggest struggle in the world. Not only you have got to be following with a diet program, you also have to exercise. And exercising is also proven to be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Especially, if you are looking to tone your body as a whole.

Thus, don’t matter how many abs are we doing or how much we workout on our legs, your upper body needs extra work. You need to follow on different sets of exercises because the upper body is the most difficult to work with. That is why I made this article, to show you 13 strengthening chest and back exercises to tone your body!

These are the most highly effective exercises I know they will be perfect for your upper body workout. You can’t just work on your legs or abs because there will be disproportions. Thus, you should see your body as a whole package of muscle to work on. Especially, if you are a woman. You will double the work on your chest and your back, also improving your biceps. It is very important to keep this information in mind when you are just starting out. A complete toned body is possible but only if you put in the work. Let’s get into it!

Dumbbell Front and Lateral Raise To Get Rid Of Bra Bulge

Get rid of bra bulge by using heavy weights to work out your chest. With this dumbbell front and lateral raise, you will work out your biceps and your back muscles, to have the support you need. This is a great exercise if you maintain your core tightened and your abdominal muscles very stretched. You can find instructions here

Bent-Over Reverse Fly

With your knees easily bent, keep your arms stretched with some heavy weights on your hands. Then, easily open them wide on both sides at the same time to create that wing effect. This is also incredibly intense for your chest, your back and your arms, maintain the position still with your legs. You can find instructions here

Bat Wings Workout

In the same bent position as in the previous exercise, use your arms to wide one in the front and one in the back, as you can see in the picture above. You can find instructions here

Tight Core Rotations

Standing straight, bent your knees just for a little bit and make sure you position them a little wider than your hips. Then, with your hands together, move your core on one side then the other. These tight core rotations will help you with your chest and back, strengthening the muscles in those areas. You can find instructions here

Hamstring Rear Arm Stretch

For your back, this is also a great exercise. With your core very tightened, bring your whole upper body facing the floor, and then bring your arm together on your back. Repeat this motion for about 20 reps and see how great it is for your back and chest. You can find instructions here

Plank Shoulder Touches

This is based on the regular plank exercise, except this time, to work out the chest and the back, you will try touching with your right hand your left shoulder. Then, repeat this on the other hand too, with about 20 reps for each arm. You can find instructions here

Stability Ball Chest Press

Positioned on a ball on your back, with some dumbbells on your hands, try lifting them toward the ceiling and then back at your core. Repeat the process for about 20 reps to work out your chest and back. You can find instructions here

Cobra Lat Pull

This position consists of you sitting facing the floor and lifting your legs and arms at the same time. While holding the body in this position, you abdomen needs to be tightened so you could have balance. After you established this balance, use your arms to bring them forward and backward. You can find instructions here

Shoulder exercise – The Lawn Mower

This exercise involves using a stretch band places under your left legs. Then, with your right arm, pull that band in a continuous motion. After this, repeat the exercise for your left arm too, moving the band under your right leg. You can find instructions here

Dumbbell single-arm overhead squat

This exercise combines a squat and lifting a dumbbell over your head. Thus, while you are making a squat, at the same time, lift your arm with a dumbbell over your head. Then, repeat this motion for the other arm. This is the most intense work out so far because it will increase the force on your back, arms and legs. You can find instructions here

Seated Dumbbell One-Point Row

Using a seat at your gym or even a chair at your home, you can definitely do this exercise. Bent over, keeping your legs together and straight, place one hand on the seat and get with the other hand a dumbbell. Then, from this position, lift your arm to bend your elbow for about 20 reps and repeat the same for the other arm. You can find instructions here

Mid-Back Extensions

Facing the floor, maintain your core and abdomen really tighten because otherwise, this exercise will damage your back. Done right, however, it will strengthen your back. After your tightened the abdominal muscles, easily lift your upper body keeping the hands near the hips. You can find instructions here

Dumbbell bent-over row

This exercise involves a bent position of the upper body and then stretching forward the arms with dumbbells. It will put a great effort on your bra bulge area, your chest and the arms. You can find instructions here

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