The Best 15 Lower Belly Fat Exercises For Stronger Abs

Lower belly fat is quite difficult to shed off, no matter how hard you are trying. However, if you focus on your diet, with the right exercises you might get it. That’s right, you actually can get those stronger abs if you are doing these exact kind of exercises.

Because you need to focus on that specific area, the exercises have to be really intense. This means you will be able to just contract those abdomen muscles without putting too much effort on the rest of your body!

Because it’s extremely hard, I wanted to share with you some of the best 15 lower belly fat exercises for stronger abs. This article will focus just on the abs, so keep in mind to combine these exercises with your normal routine and program.

Moreover, it is very important to get the nutrients you need for your muscle development. The main factor of your lower belly might be the food you are eating, so start from there. Thus, make sure you eliminate any foods that contain fats and non-nutrients. Furthermore, include more vegetables in your protein meals and you will see the difference.

Abdominal Crunches

Start lying back and bending the knees at your hip level distance. Then, with your hands placed under your head, lift your upper body by contracting the abdominal muscles. Make sure to repeat this exercise for about 20 reps.

Twist Crunches

Start this position by lying on your back, with your hands under your head and with your legs extended. Then, bend the right knee forward and touch it with your left elbow in a motion of 20 reps. Then, repeat the same process for the left knee with your right elbow.

Side Crunch

Position yourself on your left side, in a holding position with your bent arm. Then, make sure you easily lift your right leg in a bending position, to touch the right knee with your right elbow. Make sure you repeat this exercise for about 20 reps and then switch to the other side to work your left leg.

Reverse Crunches

Lie on your back and lift your legs in a bending knees position, keeping them in suspension. Then, using your abdominal muscles contracted, lift your legs upward from your hamstrings. Make sure you have the upper body still, in the right position, so you won’t hurt your back.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Start with lying back and then bring your legs upward in a straight position. Then, try reaching your toes by bringing the upper body forward. Make this exercise for about 20 reps and see how your abs will get in shape.

Bicycle Exercise

Lying back, lift your legs and bring the right knee forward to reach it with your left elbow. Then, repeat the process for the other leg. You should make about 20 reps for each leg. This way, your abdominal muscles will contract, forming abs.

Lunge Twist

Make this exercise based on squats, but while you are bringing one leg forward down, also low your upper body in the opposite direction.

Rolling Plank Exercise

On one side, put your bent arm on the floor so you could sustain your body. Then, lift your hip upward, and hold it like this with your abdominal muscles contracted. Maintain this position for about 20 seconds then bring it down to rest for 10. After this, repeat this exercise for about 20 reps.

The Stomach Vacuum Exercise

When you are lying on your back, lift your legs by bending the knees at your hip distance. Then, inhale the air to make a stomach vacuum and then hold it like that as long as you can. While you exhale, prepare to repeat the exercise again for about 20 reps.

Captain’s Chair

Another great exercise for stronger abs is the captain’s chair. Start by being seated on a chair and with your hands holding it back, lift your legs toward you. Then bring them to the original position and repeat the motion for about 20 reps.

Bending Side To Side

This is another great workout for your lateral abdominal muscles. With a heavy weight on your hands, lift them up and start bending your upper body side to side for about 20 reps.


Another great workout for your abs is swimming because you will work the muscles under water, helping you to have as much force as you can handle. Swimming is a great option when you are not able to workout in a gym with weights.


When you are jogging, maintain your abdominal muscles very tight because this way your lower belly fat will be the most worked area. Also, jogging contributes a lot to a cardio, helping you to focus on your breathing.


Also, cycling is a great way to have stronger abs because you will need to contract the abdominal muscles for a greater stability and force on your bicycle. Also, when you bring the upper body forward, your abs will contract to give you the support you need.


Taking long walks also helps with getting rid of lower belly fat. Your abdominal muscles will be as contracted as possible so you can define your abs and get them more defined. It is a great option for when you are just starting working out or if you are looking for a post-workout to rest your body easily.

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