20 Books For Young Generation To Celebrate Black History Month

Honestly, we need to celebrate black excellence every day. Even so, Black History Month is an exceptional month dedicated to the power and strong resilience of the black community. Celebrating this all throughout February is a beautiful and well-deserved opportunity to better understand the history itself.

For 28 days, there are many ways to celebrate the black lives and excellence. Thus, you can decide to support black-owned businesses, to seek out your local museums or to support influential black nonprofits. For example, we should notice the vital work of Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero, Black Girls Code, SisterLove or NAACP.

Moreover, we also celebrate Black History Month throughout literature, poetry, arts, sport, sciences, and even entertainment. All of these fields come together making this beautiful event a time of fun and learning.

And what a better way to learn about the history of Black Month then books. Personally, I think the young generation should be continuously informed about the history they live in. Thus, black literature is a vital way for black communities to highlight their stories, experiences, and heroes.

For this, I wanted to put together a list of 20 books to celebrate Black History Month for the young generation. There are many other books out there; however, these were my favorite. I think they fully incorporate the essence of this holiday and what it means for the entire black community. Check them out and celebrate this special holiday together.

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