The Best Office Chairs You Need To Consider

We all know the pain we feel when our back and neck hurts after staying for a while in our office chair. Thus, I wrote this article so you could read some information on how to choose the best office chairs in order to help you to have a good position at your office or at home. These chairs need to be comfortable and offer you the support you need to completely get rid of the back and neck pain. And you will also see why you need to understand the fact that you have to be completely comfortable on the office chairs for your health. So keep reading!

Fortunately for those who spend a lot of hours at the office, no matter the work you do, there are clear and tedious studies regarding the design and ergonomic that an office chair needs to have.
Because we are talking about a big number of hours spent during a month on an office chair (or even the one you have at home), consultants and specialists did some studies and tests for the past years, studies which could help manufacture healthy and comfortable office chairs.
Lastly, there seems to be a lot of models and alternatives of office chairs, most of them even futuristic and with a weird shape. Some people literally replaced the office chairs with a gymnastic ball because they thought this might help them maintaining a proper posture at the office.

However, a proper posture on a chair is essential, and you will see exactly why. Well, the office chair, along with the bed mattress, are among the most important elements that help us to maintain a healthy back, a proper posture of the body and this contributes to our comfort and health. We spend the most of our time sitting on a chair or on the mattress, thus spending a lot of time sitting down needs to be carefully considered when manufacturing these items.

Thus, the best office chairs need to be ergonomic, comfortable and especially, it needs to maintain your body in a correct position. I cannot stress this enough! You don’t need to make a decision fast. It is an entire process to consider and another aspect is to be careful to buy something for your health, so money shouldn’t be a factor. You don’t want to be one of those people who suffer and have back pain after a few hours just because you choose a cheaper office chair. Also, when you are sitting in your office chair you use almost 100 muscles so you need to think about that, these muscles also need a good chair.

Whether you use the office chair at work or home, it has to maintain your body permanently in a proper position for you to sit.

The body is in an upright or tilted position, so your goal here is to choose an office chair on which you should feel comfortable. Thus, the chair needs to maintain your body in an upright position, with your feet flat on the ground, with the head inclined in an easily downright position for when you are working with a computer, with your forearms and elbows at an angle of 90 degrees.

Now that you know how you should maintain your body on an office chair and which are the chairs you should avoid, it is time for you to see what characteristics the best office chairs needs to have.


This is the adjustability degree of your chair which is the most important characteristic you need to consider. The more the seat is adjustable and with many components that can be adjusted (height, backrest, seat angle, arms), the more ergonomically and pliable on many preferences the chair is.

The ergonomics of the chair is an important characteristic and you should seek something like this. However, there are many who don’t know how ergonomic and comfortable office chair should be. Also, an ergonomic and with a great quality chair is not always appreciated by a lot of people and this is because, in time, we formed different positions with our old chairs and now it is time to come back to a proper posture.

Thus, you need to choose an ergonomic chair which will offer you the possibility to adjust as many components as possible regarding your height of the seat, the backrest, the arms of the chair and the lumbar position. These are the main aspects when you want a high comfort, a proper posture of the body and an agreeable position for you when you are sitting down.

The adjustability of the height

Before buying your office chair, check out if it is possible for you to adjust the height of it and see what the minimum and maximum options for you are. Choose a chair that allows you to adjust its height so you could have a comfortable position, with your feet flat on the ground, with your thighs resting on the chair and in a parallel position with the ground. An office chair with a bigger or a smaller height will cause a lot of discomforts, swelling of the neck, and back and feet pain.

The adjustability of the backrest

You need to seek an office chair with an adjustable backrest in many positions, so you could have lumbar support. Thus, you don’t need a rigid chair. The studies show that a proper posture of the body is the one on which we could lean easily on the backrest. Thus, you don’t want your chair to make than leaning abruptly and definitely not too much. So you need a chair with tension adjustments that could allow you to set the tilt resistance of the chair as high or low you need.

The adjustability of the chair arms

The most optimum option would be soft and adjustable chair arms. These should allow your forearms to be at a right angle with only your elbows on the arm chairs. The best office chairs have adjustable arms depending on height and length, the ones you could completely detach to allow you to execute some of your motor activities. Also, these chair arms should allow you to get with your office chair under the desk.

The office chair seat

An office chair has the seat big enough to allow you to move freely in it. For a comfortable position, it is recommended that your chair set to be bigger so at least 3 cm then your mark made by your hips and thighs. Also, the pillow needs to be soft enough for you to have a comfortable sitting for a longer time. Also, the seat should have a slight curvature in the front bottom edge for better comfort. Between the knee and the back edge of the seat, there should be a distance of several centimeters, so the back of your knees won’t come into contact with the front edge.

The upholstery of the office chairs

The upholstery of the office chairs need to be the best quality also, so you could have a pleasant sensation and a nice breathable effect; thus, it needs to be resistant to unpleasant odors.

Along the most often used upholstery, the most preferable are the natural leather because it has an elegant aspect, it is pleasant at touching, it can be cleaned easily (with special solutions) and it holds the unpleasant odors. The managerial chairs are the most purchased because of this reason. They have natural leather upholstery and it is perfect for a business environment.

Another type of upholstery is the one made of mesh because it is a material that offers good ventilation, it does not soak unpleasant odors and it doesn’t need special care like the natural leather.

Textile upholstery is also a used material for office chairs but it is not the most comfortable and recommended. It is true, a textile upholstery for an office chair is cheaper but not better. This type of material also have more disadvantages such as soaking unpleasant odors, cleaning and maintain difficulties and it gets stained easily.

The legs and wheels of the office chairs

For a better stability, you need to choose a chair with 5 legs. This raises the stability and avoids the tilting, so you should avoid office chairs types which have the front edge bigger than the legs radius. Also, the wheels need to be adjusted to the surface on which are rolled (tiles, parquet, and carpet). So, when you purchase the chair you need to consider the surface on which you plan to use it and choose the proper wheels for it.

Given the above information, I made a selection of the best office chairs:

1. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Last update was in: May 07 2021, 7:25 am

I think this is the best office chair for the money, it completely covers all the criteria for the best office chair for back support. It also adds a beautiful style to your office, it has a modern aspect and quite a sophisticated look. Thus, you will be glad to have this professional aesthetic at your desk. What I enjoy most about this office chair is the smooth contours and adjustable settings which will allow you to have all-day comfort. Not to mention that is fully adjustable, exactly what we are looking for. With some simple pneumatic control, you can raise or lower your seat which will definitely help you with your posture. This is what makes this office chair an ergonomically perfect choice for you. Furthermore, it has a black mesh-covered seat and chair back, so, besides a lower-back support, this office chair has gentler curves with sections for enhanced breathability. Thus, it is comfortable for you and it can really offer you everything you need for your back.

2. BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair, Black

You’ve probably wondered what is the best office chair for a bad back. Well, this one should definitely catch you attention especially because it is also the best ergonomic office chair there is. This is also a comfortable office chair, having a soft natural leather upholstery with ample padding. Most importantly, it is oil and water resistent so I see this a big plus. Anothing thing that does it for me are the comfortable arm rests, which is far more better then anything else out there.

3. Black PU Leather Ergonomic High Back Executive Best Desk Task Office Chair

Between the best office chairs, this really exceeded my expectations. With an incredible sense of style, BestOffice is still one of the top brands when it comes to leather office chair. This chair has a modern and sophisticated profile, offering a professional aesthetic for any place. A big advantage when it get down to this I find it to be the fact that this chair features a heavy duty metal base, which means it does not have that cheap plastic base used by others.

4. Serta Executive Office Chair, Microfiber, Light Beige

Serta advertises itself as a brand that is always comfortable and I couldn’t agree more. The entire brand is revolving around the key to a great chair. Well, this made me curious and I wanted to see what it has to offer. For starters, the chair is easy to adjust for your perfect comfort, it has a pillowed headrest which provides even more support for the head and the neck and it has a waterfall front seat edge which is amazing for when you need to lessen the pressure on the back of the legs and knees. It really is amazingly manufactured.

5. Modway Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair

This will change the look of your office because you will always be even more productive with this upright and ergonomic mesh office chair. The breathable mesh and plush fabric cushion seat will offer you a proper posture and the comfortability you are loking for. Not to mention that is highly adjustable for the back height and seat depth so you will be able to fit your height and size of this chair. Furthermore, this office chair is even fitted with five hooded dual-caster wheels which will give you support for when you want to glide over carpeted floors. It really seems a more complex model of office chairs but totally worth it at least a try.

6. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Armless Ribbed Designer Task Chair, White

This doesn’t look like the most comfortable chair for long-term activities but it is the most elegant office chair out there. However, it also has a lot of advantages, for me it really does the job. With its shiny ribbed upholstery, this is an office chair that will still offer you support to the mid-to-upper back region. It is even more modern because it easily swivels 360 degrees so you can be effective at your desk and to have that freedom of movement. It also has a pneumatic adjustment lever which will help you to adjust the seat however you feel it is necessary. In my opinion, this is more appropriate for the conference room, which makes it one of the best office chairs for short amount of hours.

7. VIVA Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair, Black/Green

Another brand to consider is VIVA. Personally, it has the best office chairs and we will see exactly why. Its main features are: it has an ergonomic comfortable mesh for the backrest, it was designed to offer incredible back support, it prevents body heat and moisture build up, it is highly adjustable especially for the tilt tension and seat height, it has a high quality arms for resting, high quality Nylon casters and a great system of the mesh in order to relief any lleg fatigue. All in all, I think is took a very thoughtful engineering to make such a meaningful office chair that could protect your back.

8. BestOffice Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair, Black

BestOffice never disappoints so I have come across another office chair that is perfect especially as a computer desk office chair. I work a lot at the computer, at work and at home, so this was the perfect choice for me. The most impressive features are the mesh upholstered seat and the spring tilt control mechanism. These are my reasons to purchase this because this is what I need. And as if it weren’t enough, this chair has a breathable mesh back which is an added bonus because it will keep my back cool while sitting, which is heavenly for me. So, personally I would highly recommend this office chair if you were in my situation with a full-time work at a desk.

9. Homall Office Chair Executive Swivel Leather Desk Chair

Now, if you are a gamer, we’re talking different business. Do not think I forgot about you because my brother is also a gamer and I understand the necessities you face as a gamer. So, I have looked everywhere for a proper office chair to fit you perfectly. Thus, I have come across this Homall office chair. This will provide a great experience because it will keep you comfortable even in the most intense gaming moment. It also supports your back which is highly important and it also tilts in order to stretch if you are spending a long time playing games. The mesh material will let your skin breath which I am confident you will find this to be another big advantage. And, most importantly, you can lean back and forth which will take the whole experience to another level.

10. Essentials Leather Executive Office/Computer Chair with Arms – Ergonomic Swivel Chair

In my opinion, this is one of the best office chairs from the market. I am a little bias when it comes to this one because I have one just like it. Even though, I think that speaking from a personal experience is actually a good thing. Mostly, this personal experience could help you to understand the actual practicality of this chair, first-hand. First of all, this chair is the perfect combination of value and high quality and I am all for it. It is really upscale for any kind of chair you have tried so far. It looks so polished and it has incredible intuitive controls such as pneumatic seat height adjustment. Highly adjustable, it really exceeds industry standards for safety and durability.

As a conclusion, we can say that the best office chairs are hard to come by. However, I tried to give you some suggestions of the best office chairs I think that are perfect for you, depending on your situation. If you are working on a desk as a job, if you work from home, if you are looking for a more sophisticated office chair for your conference room or if you are a gamer, these chairs meet all your needs. So, it certainly is worth it to check out who makes the best office chairs in the industry for you, because you understand best the problems you face at the office.

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