The Best Running Shoes For Women

After a hard day at work, you would like to just flow into the wind, running as much as possible in order to relax and give your brain a pause. Well, I know how that feels like. As a woman, the best way to end a day for me is running or jogging.

I think we all could agree that this type of exercise, which actually should be considered more like a necessary lifestyle, is relaxing and very healthy. The activity itself will boost your energy, you state of mind and will free your brain of daily problems thoughts. And I know we all need this because sometimes, our own thoughts consume us and our energy. Whenever you want to go running, you have to be prepared. And this preparation consists of many things, your clothing, your shoes, maybe a tracking device for your activity. Thus, being prepared should be your focus because you need to take care of yourself while exercising. There is no other way to put this, but you might consider what’s best for you in order to have better results from your activities. It doesn’t matter if you want to exercise for a healthier body; if you are not properly equipped for the activity itself, most of the time you will just hurt yourself and you will feel stiff, uncomfortable and you will encounter various physical pains no human should experience.

Thus, I think the best and proper care for you to consider when you decide to run or you are already an avid runner, is the shoes. The running shoes are the most important aspect of your equipment and that is because you need support. And the best way to get that support is within the perfect suited running shoes for you. This means you need to consider some of the best criteria when you are purchasing running shoes such as the flexibility of the soles, the material, and their breathable component. The soles are responsible for how effective you are when you are running so they need to have a great flexibility and durability. If you are looking for a specific type of activity, then the soles should also be adjusted accordingly. This is important for your safety when you are running, you don’t want to break a leg or have a sprain due to the lack of proper soles in your running shoes. Regarding the material, this is a personal criterion. Just like everybody is different, our skin is also different. So you should be careful when you are choosing the right running shoes because the material could either irritate your skin or cause an infection and we don’t want that. So, do a little research and choose the material that fits you best and could offer some sensitive touch for your specific skin type. The last thing, the breathable component should also be considered. As long as your shoes will offer you some room to breathe for your feet, you will notice the difference. You won’t have swollen feet and you will experience a more soothable way to go running.

After I have explained why it is important to choose the best running shoes for women, let’s dive right in. In this article, I gathered some of the best running shoes for women, based on many types of research I did because I wanted to be prepared accordingly. I wanted to also offer safe solutions and the best shoes for your running performance.


1. New Balance Women’s W720v3 Running Shoe, Purple/Silver

I wanted to start with these shoes because they are the most accessible, being made in the USA, and specially designed for any women because their cushioning is flexible and they will fit comfortable any feet. With the combination of purple and silver, I really believe their design is quite professional. The material consists of 75% synthetic and 25% mesh, which gives a nice touch to the no-sew breathable upper featuring IMEVA midsole with rubber soles. They also have something I think is quite innovative such as a molded heel insert and removable foam insole. New Balance always keeps in touch with athletics, considering their needs and adjusting everything around the efficiency and accuracy a runner needs. Thus, it is a nice experience with a smooth and soft performance to be wearing this, especially because their lightweight rubber outsole offers a plush smooth ride for any kind of terrain. If you are looking to achieve your goals while running, jogging or for the gym, I think these shoes are more than glad to help you do that.

2. Inov-8 Road Claw™ 275-U Running Shoe

What I like most about these shoes is that they offer a quite smooth ride, no matter how the road presents itself to be, the actual design with a road claw will master any kind of terrain, so they are efficient and perfect for any road conditions. The colors of purple, black and pink make the shoes energetic and with a fascinating vibe which will suit you wherever you go. This means you could just run with no effort over even the most rugged road due to their unique Powerflow midsole technology. I think this was a very well-thought process because this Powerflow midsole technology means 10% better shock absorption and 15% better energy return than any standard midsoles I have tested so far. These shoes are really my go-to because they even have iconic inov-8 outsole grip which will optimize my road running. Thus, all your energy generated by your body will automatically be transferred to the road through the outsole. I am really amazed about these shoes, don’t you think they could be the best experience of your life when it comes to running shoes? Well, you should also know they offer the ultimate security with 100% sure-footed on any road. So, you will be secured and ready to go running. They even rated 100% of 5 stars from all the customers which mean there is no way you will be disappointed.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Noosa Tri 11 Running Shoe

These are one of my favorites and you will understand why. They actually have an energetic vibe incorporated with an exciting updated upper to keep you moving and on point. The amount of work put into making these shoes is beyond anything I have seen so far. But let’s see exactly what I mean. As all other shoes, they are made of synthetic material and they present a rubber sole. However, this is where the things become more interesting. They have an Impact Guidance System (I.G.S) for running. What does this mean? Well, ASICS has a great design philosophy and they are engaging into enhancing the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe-off by linking componentry. I think this is fabulous because it is not over. Here comes even more. The shoes also have a Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems. These systems are meant to attenuate any shock during impact and will allow a flowing movement on multiple surfaces as long as the foot transitions through the running cycle. Oh, and you must think that’s it, there’s a lot of improvement, there couldn’t possibly be more work done. Well, it is possible with ASICS. The shoes also offer a Dynamic DuoMax Support System, through which DuoMax system is more evolved in order to increase stability and support, reducing weight and heighten the platform comfort. The material for the midsole is Solyte, which resulted into a lighter weight midsole compound than ASICS’ standard EVA and SpEVA, also featuring developed cushioning and strength. No, it is still not over. These shoes are so amazing because they also have a propulsion trust, which stimulates connective tissue in the foot by creating intensity as foot enters a drive stage. In the end, I just want to mention that they also rated 100% of 5 stars from all the customers, in case you weren’t already convinced of how amazing a purchase this could be. I admit I was a little bit biased here, but how could I not be? What would you do if you were me? Let me know what you think about these fantastic shoes.

4. LA Gear Women’s Cotton Running Shoe

With a fuchsia print all over the material, you could easily put these running shoes in a royal label. At least, that’s what I did. LA Gear Women’s Cotton Running Shoe look like an excellent option when you want something comfortable and elegant at the same time. Not to mention its material made of a combination of leather and textile, which make the shoes to be even more attractive. They also have a synthetic sole, ultra foam insole for superior comfort and rubber outsole for excellent traction. Thus, you get efficiency, elegance, comfort, and lightweight support. How anything else could possibly be so close to perfection?

5. Adidas Performance Women’s Fresh Bounce Running Shoe

Just like they say in the name, these shoes bring something fresh, especially while bouncing the terrain. You will get great support when you want to run and you will have enormous advantages on your side with these shoes. Made from fabric and synthetic materials, with a rubber sole, they are specially designed for your needs. I find them to be even more impressive because of their shaft which measures approximately Low Top” from the arch, they have a breathable mesh design with three-stripes support overlays at sides and climactic technology. Thus, you can see that their system process of built is quite thoughtful and appropriate for women’s wear. Furthermore, they are designed with BOUNCE energized comfort and with anatomically placed flex grooves for flexibility, reduced weight, and natural movement. So, basically, for me, this sounds la heaven for your feet. Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars, I really recommend these running shoes.

6. Reebok Women’s Sublite Speedpak Athletic MT Running Shoe

With a superb palette of colors like Lilac Ice, Moon Violet, Night Beacon, and White, the shoes seem quite practical, with a simple athletic design. Reebok has combined synthetic with mesh materials, giving a rubber sole and making them quite lightweight and breathable with more mesh upper materials to support your feet. Thus, these running shoes will provide an enhanced fit for you, which is the definition of effectiveness. I am actually a Reebok fan and really think these shoes are, from a professional stance point of view, amazingly well designed. I think your speed will improve, you will feel that there is no tension in your feet while running, which automatically will improve your performance, and you will get that enhanced and optimized experience you’ve been looking for a while now. You should give them a chance and let me know how they worked out for you.

7. New Balance Women’s Welded WL696 Running Shoes

I really like these shoes, especially because they are feminine, beautiful and pleasantly comfortable. With a combination of leather and synthetic, these have a perfect delicate touch for a woman. Who doesn’t want that? After wearing stiff shoes all day at work, these will almost massage your feet when you are running and will get you that flowing movement. There is no better way to end your day running in such comfortable shoes. I definitely recommend this, you will get compliments even just for how cute they are, which is no small detail to ignore. I am always looking for fashion even in my running shoes so these actually fit the bill for me. Another thing I totally love is that they have EVA midsole which means they have a foam between the upper and the outsole. It can’t get more comfortable than that. You should give them a try.


I want to say that I hoped all of this information got to you. As you could see, the necessity of having proper running shoes will enhance your performance and will make the activity smoother. As a customer, you want to spend your money on a high-quality product that will do what it promises. Well, I considered these items to be the best in their field and at the top of their game. You could also consider a specific brand if you are a devoted client but I don’t think this is quite a decisive factor in choosing the right shoes for you. Every other months or year, all brands are looking to develop their products, enhancing them and developing them according to general requirements. And I might say that for some, these developments are not right for some cases. Individually, you need to understand your shoes, what your feet need and how you feel wearing some shoes. Thus, this general adjustment won’t work for everyone and that is okay because there are many options, as you could see in this article. Thus, I would like to advise you to consider the factors I have explained in the intro because those are the ones that should stand as criteria for when you want to buy running shoes.

I would also like to hear about your personal experience, either with these shoes or your favorite ones. Personal experience is also what this article tends to follow because this is what makes us choose better. So if you have other suggestions for me, regarding running shoes, then you should definitely leave me a comment in the section down below. I want to hear what exactly dissatisfied you when you bought the shoes you thought are perfect. I also want to hear what exactly make your shoes the best to wear when running. It really doesn’t matter, any suggestions you have to offer will be insightful because my research doesn’t stop here. There will be even more articles in the future and I will definitely love your input on them because I really follow the experienced route and not just making reviews based on product description.

Well, I appreciate you reading this article and if you liked it I invite you to talk more about this topic. Thank you so much!

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