The Best 15 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas That Aren’t Cliché

Want to get engaged on Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone. But you really must be nervous, since you want it to be a complete surprise. Say no more. This article will get you covered! Keep on reading!

If you chose Valentine’s Day as your ideal day to pop the question, then you definitely need to be prepared. However, you want it to be different. Valentine’s engagement is one of those days when you should stand out from all of the other couples that are likely see on social media feed during this time of the year. Thus, keep this in mind and be ready to overcome traditional but not to overdo it too much.

Now, the big question before the important one: how do you avoid cliches without spending a fortune? Well, originality is always better than over-creativity. Your loved ones will love the idea of simplicity and meaning. Thus, skip the Valentine’s Day tropes and go right for the things that mean something for you both. It might as well be the place where you first kissed.

Here are the best 15 Valentine’s Day proposal ideas that might spark some inspiration:

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